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    Stenner Tank Comment

    Put something under it on one side so it tilts slightly. Problem mostly solved!
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    How necessary is automation for SWCG?

    Debating switching to a salt system. I have an intelliflo pump but no automation at this time as the setup is pretty simple (no spa or water features). I have eventual plans to restore/replace the spa and future water features, so I would probably get an intellicenter down the line to go with...
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    Making the Leap - CircuPool Edge 40 or Pentair IC-40

    If I can hijack this thread temporarily, I am also looking to switch from liquid to a salt chlorine generator. I have a 34k or so pool so I’m looking at the 55-60 series. My vague impression was Pentair tends to be more expensive and the CircuPool models are typically cheaper, but the top end RJ...
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    Converting to SWG - What do I need?

    I looked up mine once. It was similar to that in the contract, but my bill did not reflect that. I don’t think that includes the “fuel charge”, which is separate from the “cost to produce the energy” listed there. I bet your actual rate is higher.