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    Central NC Pool Opening

    So it’s February but I’m already looking toward opening season here in central NC. So I considered a solar heater but decided to wait to see what happens since this will be our first opening. Questions are, at what outside temp should I pull the cover off? Is it effective to float black trash...
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    Filling up pool for the 1st time

    you can find CYA on Amazon pretty cheap and 2 day shipping...can't beat it. I ended up getting several chemicals there because of the price.I will note though that most are sold in somewhat bulk amounts so I also went and got some buckets from lowes to store the extra for next year.
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    Above ground closing caps

    Apologies for this likely being covered but I’m too lazy to search more than 5min. I’ve got the water drained out of the simple plumbing, filter out and rinsed and set aside also. Do I need to worry about plugging the skimmer and return lines as well? Both have valves to close which will be...
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    Covered and now vacation

    Thanks. And valid point on the vacation length...2 weeks is half my paid time off for the year so I call it long ?
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    Covered and now vacation

    Back at end of October. Chlorine is 5+ right now. I didn’t get the nice TFP test kit this year and mine only goes to 5 and it’s above that level. I also did a solid vacuum today before covering, if that matters.
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    Covered and now vacation

    So I put the winter and leaf covers on our pool because it’s getting cool and we’re leaving soon for a long vacation. I have a timer that will run my pump and swg while we’re away. Question is, is there any chlorine usage when the cover is on? Should I set the swg to low and only run it 2-3hrs...