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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    So - this is another thing I would change on the FPH. It is too hard to reprogram the set points. It *could* be as easy as a thermostat. Up and down changes the set point. But it's not. It's confusing as ****. I'm not touching it. The cutoff temp is 90 and I leave it there. It was there all...
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    The tripping pump was unrelated to the FPH. Just a touchy GFCI.
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    Still love it! It's working great still with no issues. No problem with the AC at all. The one thing I'd change - and they may have already done it - is to add a flow sensor. If my pump trips for some reason, my FPH will still call for water cooling. This has lead twice in all these years to the...
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    Re-using a dead solar cover - still worth it if bubbles are broken?

    My thoughts on solar covers changed when I got one. I hated the idea of them for the reasons mentioned. I love looking at my sparkling clean pool, and having the spontaneity to use it whenever. But because 2020 said FU to travel - I said if I'm going to be home all the time, then I'm going to...
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    I'm not understanding this whole subthread. The FPH unit is $1800, which is expensive, but nearly as expensive as the labor to install it. If you're DIY'ing it - you'll save a ton doing the labor yourself. Will you really save a ton more by trying to DIY the most tricky components?
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    Refinish Cement Deck

    (cross posting from Resurfacing concrete deck) We have a similar tired old concrete deck that we painted. Here's a before and after picture of painting the deck. Pool deck before + after - Album on Imgur You can see the original concrete color in the walkway of the "after" picture. It hadn't...
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    xr4ticlone, the FPH will work great for you. But you will never "get your money back" if you're planning to move in 2 years. If that's not a factor, by all means go for it. It will work and do exactly what you want it to. Just don't think of it in terms of ROI. It would be an investment in your...
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    I don't think it's worth it for you. You can't take it with you, mainly because of the surgery you do to the AC, it won't significantly reduce your AC costs, and you would be way, WAY better off just getting a $150 solar cover. I imagine the biggest issue with your pool temp is evaporation.
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    50000 gal in Houston- what are reasonable heating options?

    It is still very cool in Houston in March. If that is a must, you might have no choice but to go gas. But if you have flexibility in that, I think a heat pump would be far preferable for you overall. A heat pump will keep your pool mid 80s easily from April to October.
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    Ducks!! How to keep them out of the pool?

    Local you say? Introduce them to l1ltaral1l's pool. ?
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    The intellicenter ought to be able to take in standard control signals. I believe there's an adapter for it. Maybe one of our members that has this pump and that automation system can help.
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    There's a number of ways to do this. If you have a single speed pump, you can have the FPH controller turn it on when it needs to. When it ISNT calling for heat, the pump timer will turn it on/off. Another way is to keep the FPH controller on a timer, and overlap times-of-day when the FPH can...
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    Yup! Fingers crossed it is. Still too early up here for AC, but it was working perfectly at the end of last season.
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    I opened my cover and you won't believe what I found

    Yes. I think they sneak in underneath during the fall and winter.
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    I opened my cover and you won't believe what I found

    I have no idea!! guess I'm getting good at this pool thing :laughblue:
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    I opened my cover and you won't believe what I found

    The bottom. I found the bottom! First time in 8 years I open to a clear pool. Umm, thanks 2020?
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    Safety Covers - Merlin vs Looploc vs GLI

    Totally agree. Just don't get yourself a German pool cover. They're fine for 3 years, but then you have to maintain them constantly to keep them going.
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    Safety Covers - Merlin vs Looploc vs GLI

    I have a Merlin as well and it's great. Would buy the same one again tomorrow if it broke. Which it won't, since it's a good cover and not breaking is basically its only criteria for being a good cover.
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    Heat pump confusion - colder ambient temp

    The way you keep it, it's not a small pool it's a large hot tub :ROFLMAO:
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    Heat pump confusion - colder ambient temp

    Yes it can work to transfer heat to the pool under those conditions. And it will almost certainly be able to maintain that temp if the pool is covered
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    Average Pool Depth

    On the short side: (15x32x(3+6)/2)*7.48 = 16k gallons On the high side: (15x32x(5+10)/2)*7.48= 27k gallons My pool is 16x32 and 18k gallons. Yours will be around there.
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    A/C Heat Exchanger to Heat Pool - DIY Questions

    A couple of us on here have the Hotspot system and are big fans. See this thread Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review! Bottom line is, for an uncovered pool, in cool climates, this system will keep your pool 5-8 degrees F hotter than it normally would be. I hear the objection...
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    leave cover off all winter?

    Taking care of the pool is painful enough. I couldn't imagine doing it and not even using it. :)
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    Heater for Caribbean pool (commonwealth of Dominica)

    You should look into a HotSpot pool heater. I have one. It is like a heat pump, but uses your house's air conditioning unit instead of a separate pool-specific unit. Its a win-win, and largely gives you "free" pool heat by using the heat from your house...
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    Oasis heat pump efficient to 40*?

    You would not believe how much heat a pool takes, or how little there is in air! It would make that utility room arctic in 10 minutes.
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    Super dense mesh vs solid cover with pump

    I have a mesh cover. Your pool will look green, but not with algae. It will collect dust and pollen all fall and winter. This collects at the bottom and makes your water look murky. If you close the pool when the water is in the low 60s, you won't have algae in the spring. In the spring, if you...
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    Pigeon Problem solved

    fake wolf prop!
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    Rock stuck in pool pipe

    My suggestion: straighten our a coat hanger. Make a small hook with it. Slide the hook part into a void between rock and pipe. Twist hanger so hook is centered on rock. Pull up carefully
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    Help with Algae

    Unfortunately, this has always been my experience when dealing with an algae bloom. I've only ever been able to completely eliminate it by following up with a dose of an algaecide. I don't mean to throw shade on the TFP method, I obviously like it and follow it. But this is my experience...
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    Help with Algae

    My experience with algae is it is very hard to kill it all with chlorine alone. There always seems to be a little left that I didn't brush off the ladder or whatnot that keeps it coming back. What I do is follow SLAM until the pool is clear, then use a preventative algaecide to keep it away...