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    I think I finally got the SWG going (after months of struggle)

    We got a new Circupool Edge in December. Had trouble getting it dialed in until one day it didn't seem like it was making any chlorine. We did everything we needed to do to test it (ie ran it overnight, tried to test water directly from the returns, etc). Finally sent it back, tested it, and...
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    Troubleshooting air in lines and pump "straining"

    This morning pool seemed to be working fine but there was air in the return jets (only the closest one). I checked my skimmer. It was ok and full I turned off the solar to make sure it wasn't a check valve there. Still bubbles. I bypassed the heater - still bubbles. So as next step I turned...
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    Issues with PoolMath app

    Anyone else having issues with the Pool Math app? Yesterday I used the "New Log" button to record test results. When adding the results I got a calculated CSI at the bottom. In this case it was something like -0.4. When I saved the results, the app saved something completely different in the...
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    Flu/Sick = Green pool = Installing SWG this week. Any advice welcome

    Hi all, I live in FL so pool never closes. I was down with the Flu and neglected my poor pool so of course I was rewarded with a green pool. I was on the fence about a SWG and I thought I could do the chlorine liquid long term. Well this sickness was the final straw. I ordered a Circupool...
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    Cartrigdge filter smells funny, like gas?

    So weird question. Our pool has been drained for 9 days for a re-plaster. We are filling the pool today and plan to re-start the pump tomorrow. I checked the condition of the filter this afternoon. It has been sealed up and I haven't opened the filter compartment since draining. When I...
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    Pool reno/remodel - Pavers, new tile, new plaster.

    Starting my pool remodel Monday. Getting pavers over my concrete lanai w/ matching coping, new waterline tiles, and new pebble finish. Getting Wet Edge satin matrix in aqua color. It’s supposed to take about 2 weeks. I will share pics as it comes along. Pavers were delivered today.
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    Is it ok to shut off water flow to heater?

    Just wondering if it's best to let water flow through pool heater or divert water flow when heater is not is use? We are in FL and have both a solar and electric heater for our pool. The electric heater doesn't get much use as you can imagine but we always have water flowing through it. I...
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    Should I let FC get to zero before draining into yard?

    I'm having a remodel starting July 1. We will be getting new tiles, coping, pavers, and plaster. We don't have a street drain so the pool will be drained to the back of our yard where there is a greenway. Our CYA is currently 140 so I have to keep the FC levels pretty high. I don't want to...
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    Why is TA goal different in pool math vs directions in TF testing kit?

    So talk to me about TA. In the Pool Math app, it sets my goal TA to 70-90. However, in the instructions for TF testing kit it says "Good TA readings will be around 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools" Why doesn't Pool Math have a different goal for TA. Or at least a larger goal range to...
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    Thank you - my water looks amazing

    I found TFP last year but didn’t follow any of the methods until recently. I got the TF-100 and app and my pool has never looked better. I can’t believe the difference good chemistry makes. I swear some of our very old plaster stains are looking better just after a week. We are getting new...
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    How do you measure your chlorine

    Hi All, What do you use to measure your chlorine? I'm looking to see if anyone has a great measuring device that they love to use or have any recommendations. Or do most people just pour our of a jug and guesstimate? I use 2.5 gal containers right now and it is difficult to estimate amounts...
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    High CYA. How to test > 100. Chemical questions and going to re-plaster soon

    Hi all. I'm a noobie with the TFP method. I just got my TF-100 and I recently learned the connection between CYA and FC levels. Last year I would take a sample to the pool store weekly - every 2 weeks, but everything was always within range so I stopped that about a year ago. Last summer to...