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    Check valve placement

    I'm adding a Heat Pump to our pool and I need to add a check valve. All of the installation instructions I see say to install the Check Valve AFTER all the bypass valves and before the feeder (Check valve shown in red). Unfortunately I don't have much room to work with and I'd prefer to add...
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    IG Heat pump sizing

    I'm pretty much a lurker here, but learn something new every day. We're looking to install a heat pump for our IG pool. I'm not exactly sure of the volume of our pool, but I will attach what the builders gave us before installation - pretty crude, but that's all I have. It goes from 3' in the...
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    Sprinkler leak under pool deck

    Hey everybody, I could use some help. Today, while enjoying the pool, we had our lawn sprinklers running. I had to get something out of my shed and go through the sprinklers, nbd I was already wet. Well, I noticed that the ground was soaked where there was no sprinkler head. After some...
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    Neat PVC Ideas?

    Does anybody have any cool PVC ideas? Like for towel racks, furniture, games... It's pretty cheap and fun to play with. I saw some plans for a neat towel rack online, but they wanted $25. I could figure it out myself for that price!
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    Our outdoor music solution

    Here is what I did for our outdoor music solution. It allows us to sit out by the pool and play any of our MP3’s and radio stations (from ANYWHERE) using our iPhone or Android phone/tablets. We can even control the volume, make playlists “on the go” or play pre-made playlists. We had an old...
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    Pumping Station Cover

    Hey everybody! Well, my wife and I just had a pool installed (I've only seen pictures of it because I'm away on business) and we also have a 2 y.o. son who likes to climb on EVERYTHING! So naturally, he likes everything around and including our pumping station. Have any of you built anything...
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    New Construction in NW FL

    I just found this site the other day and I think it's a GREAT resource!!! I'm sure I'll be spending a LOT of time in here... Our pool was started on 5 Mar and is nearly complete (wife has pool school today). Unfortunately I've been away on business since 5 Mar and only got to see it once when...