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  1. J

    I opened my cover and you won't believe what I found

    The bottom. I found the bottom! First time in 8 years I open to a clear pool. Umm, thanks 2020?
  2. J

    What's your favorite pool gadget?

    This is mine: The skimmer angel. Attaches to your skimmer basket. Makes it super easy to pull out without ever touching the muck inside.
  3. J

    advice needed: Simple SuperFlo VS automation

    I have a 1.5HP pentair superflo VS pump. I'm looking to add more time options than the 3 that are built in. Not speed options, just times. I'd like to run it low most of the time with a few 1 hour periods on high. Two speeds, but several times of day. This pump is relay based which is good I...
  4. J

    Fragile Pentair LCD Panel??

    Not very happy with my pump right now. Going on its third season. I fire it up: I can barely read the LCD panel. Anyone else have this happen? Will this be covered under warranty? I try to take good care of my equipment!
  5. J

    Can you run a cartridge filter with only 1 cartridge?

    Cleaning cartridges is a PITA! For spring opening, I would love to be able to run my filter with just one of the 4 cartridges until the pool is clean. Then I can take apart the filter and only have to clean out 1 cartridge. Has anyone done this? How would you do this?
  6. J

    Coping replacement options

    I have old aluminum coping. If I wanted to replace it, do you know what the options are to update this type of coping? This is what my pool looks like: Pool deck before + after - Album on Imgur Thanks
  7. J

    Plumber or pool company?

    I'm getting a new VS pump and wondering who should install it. What do you guys think? Should I get a plumber or a pool company? Thanks!
  8. J

    Floc - vacuum to waste, why?

    Why do you have to vacuum to waste when using floc? Will it hurt the filter? Why shouldn't I vacuum up the stuff with my robot?
  9. J

    SuperFlo VS RPM vs Watts

    For anyone that has the Pentair SuperFlow VS 1.5HP pump, would you do me a huge favor? Can you run your pump at various RPMs from lowest to highest and let me know what the watt use is at each setting? That would be super-helpful for anyone looking into a VS pump! These numbers exist here for...
  10. J

    The Quietest Pump?

    I'm looking to replace my aging 3/4hp single speed. The 3/4hp is more than adequate for circulation. I'm looking for a QUIET pump. VS/dual speed I believe will be best. Anyone have opinions (love or hate) their pumps? Suggestions? Thanks!
  11. J

    Prevent algae before pool opening?

    Every year, I open the pool in May. About a month before opening, the pool turns green and I have a 1-2 week fight getting it crystal clear after I open. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? A little chlorine or algaecide pre-opening?
  12. J

    How much flow through a 2 speed pump?

    Suppose I can move 50gpm at the high speed setting. Will I move 25gpm on the low speed setting?
  13. J

    New filter - now pool is cloudy?

    I replaced my Perflex EC65 DE filter with a 425sq ft cartridge filter due to DE filter being very old and requiring daily bumping and maintenance. The flow through the new one is exceptionally strong which is great. But now my pool is cloudy. What gives? Is this common with new cartridge...
  14. J

    No algae - yet! How to prevent it before I open my pool

    I have a mesh winter cover on my pool right now. Due to the incredible winter we've had in the northeast, the pool is actually overfull! So I was draining it down a few inches and saw that my pool is crystal clear. Nice! How can I keep it that way until opening day -- around May 20? Thanks!
  15. J

    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    I have been looking at this product for the better part of two years and I'm very happy to say we have finally got one installed! I am very happy with this product and am equally happy to supply one of the first reviews of it. I know one of my own biggest uncertainties was the dearth of reviews...
  16. J

    Hotspot Pool Heater FPH - looking for review

    Topics merged. Please don't double post. Bama Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone who has actually installed a HotSpot FPH pool heater. Is it any good? I'm thinking of installing one sometime down the road but would really like to get the opinion of it from someone who went before me. Cheers, Josh