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    FC Levels - Pool Calculator vs Chlorine / CYA chart

    CYA doesn't evaporate, does it? If you lose water to evaporation, then add it back, shouldn't your CYA ppm be the same?
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    starting to go a bit cloudy

    Do you have any CC reading? If not, at this point, all you should add is some POP, or pool owner patience :) Assuming the haze was algae, it can take the filter some time to clear it all. What type of filter do you have again? How are your pressure readings?
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    starting to go a bit cloudy

    I just ran it again using 30 CYA again, and got 13 ppm shock level again. Weird.
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    starting to go a bit cloudy

    I used Jason's pool calculator.
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    starting to go a bit cloudy

    For a vinyl liner pool don't worry about CH now. Low calcium can cause foaming, but don't worry now as you may not even experience it. I made some assumptions based on your pool size. If it's 4.5' deep and rectangle, it should be 20,000 gallons. If it's oval, it would be 17,700 gallons. FC...
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    starting to go a bit cloudy

    Assuming you trust those numbers, it looks like you could be right on the verge of an algae bloom. No CH result is listed, but with higher PH elevated CH can cause hazy/cloudiness. For your CYA level you should be maintaining around 3ppm FC. You are well below that. Your CC is low, but as a...
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    Lowering TA... does it do any good to aerate at 7.5 pH?

    Chemgeek has a chart somewhere that I can't find that compares the out-gassing rates at different PH levels. Basically lower is better. That's why the usual recommendation of dropping PH to 7, aerating to 7.2, drop to 7, repeat until TA is where you want it. Out-gassing potential is the...
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    What's this waterbug? (pic)

    They're predators, and can fly. Keep a clean pool, and eventually they'll leave looking for food :)
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    Electric bill difference from adding a pool with intelliflo

    Ok. I thought you replace a fixed rpm pump with the intelli-flo and your cost went up :)
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    Electric bill difference from adding a pool with intelliflo

    Uhm... so what was the incentive for spending the money on this pump if it cost you more to run?
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    Some years I have this issue, some, like this year, none at all. Just the nature of the beast, I figure.
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    Cartridge Filter

    Mike, does the DE enhanced cartridge filter provide the same water clarity as straight DE?
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    How much do you spend on bleach?

    1 96oz jug of 6% each night at $1.18 per, so $35 for a 21,120 gal IG pool.
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    High Chlorine levels

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    When to add DE?

    True bumping just redistributes the DE, so no reason to add more.
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    Safe to backwash into the lawn?

    Maybe take a small sample of water and saturate an obscure section of the grass to see if it has any ill effect?
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    DE powder in sand filter? Also, clarifier issue...

    IIRC, new sand in a new sand filter can take some time to really filter down to it's capabilities. Some say a "dirty" sand filter cleans best, and that adding DE is just "dirtying" the filter quicker However, seeing how your used to DE clarity, you may be spoiled :) Hopefully the DE trick...
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    DE powder in sand filter? Also, clarifier issue...

    If the particles are too fine for your sand to filter out, adding DE may help. The procedure is to add just enough to allow a 1psi increase on your pressure gauge. Most start with a small amount, like 1/2 a cup or so, wait 10-20 minutes, read the gauge and add more if necessary. The nice...
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    A few questions

    Probably explained entirely by differences in estimated pool volume and how we rounded the results :) I showed more acid to get her PH to 7.2, and I assume you just calculated enough to get her to mid-range. I suggested a bit lower as her TA is still slightly high, and she should get some PH...
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    A few questions

    With a 0 FC reading, you need bleach, cause if you don't have an algae problem you probably will, soon. How much bleach depends on how many gallons your pool holds, your CYA ppm level and the type of bleach you use. I used Jason's calculator and your pool dimensions and assumed a 4.5' depth...
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    Battling a green pool, low FC

    I always add my bleach after sundown, to maximize it's working time. Cheap insurance :)
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    Newbie - sky high TA

    Just caught that you are running a SWG, so you probably are striving to get the CYA up. It doesn't hurt a thing to add all you need at once, just remember that it takes up to a week to fully dissolve so don't backwash or add more until you are certain you are getting an accurate reading.
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    Newbie - sky high TA

    Are you adding the CYA because you want a higher CYA ppm or because you want it to lower your PH? Stabilizer is only added to hit your target CYA ppm, to protect your FC from UV breakdown, NOT to lower PH. If you don't want a higher CYA ppm, DON'T ADD the rest of your stabilizer tonight. The...
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    TA, PH and aeration

    Thanks Jason. That got the wheels turning... :)
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    TA, PH and aeration

    I've been imagining building something like what hotrod linked to for awhile now- ... add=action I assume it works on the venturi principal. Anyone have a clue if a piece of pvc screwed into the return with a T in the middle and a much smaller diameter...
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    When to shock a pool

    During the season, I shock ONLY when I test CC above .5 ppm. I shocked when I opened, once mid year (and I didn't need to then, I test my water that had been sitting un-circulated in full day sun) and unless something changes will only shock when I close.
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    Adding salt to chlorine pool.....

    I have had 1800 ppm in my non-SWG chlorine pool for the past two seasons. Absolutely love it. The water feels so good, it's kind of indescribable. I know adding salt doesn't make it soft, but it sure feels that way. At our levels, I can't taste it, and have never had anyone comment that they...
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    Cost of Bleach versus Chlorine Tablets

    You can also search for an excellent post by chem geek, who broke down the cost of each type of chlorine source. I believe trichlor actually came in the cheapest, followed closely by bleach. Something else to consider is that because of the additives John mentioned, over time your pool can...
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    my awful trip to the pool store

    I can't remember if we discussed it already, but adding DE to your sand filter may help it filter out finer particulates that can leave your water sparkling. Also, keeping at the upper end of the FC range for your CYA seems to make a difference in my sparkle as well. Great job! :)
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    Water bleaching my liner

    Nicole, as long as the liner isn't brittle, it can last many years, it's mostly cosmetic. It sounds like you've done everything right, and are paying for the previous owners past sins. Not much you can do about that... :( I think it's something many of us have to go through.