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    Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    I have a 21,200 gal IG VL pool. Older pool, only built with a side skimmer and one floor drain in the deep end. The deep end drain went bad a few years back so I have it plugged. In this instance, will a pump for an AG pool work ok as it only has to draw water up maybe 20" to prime and feed...
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    Marlig fix-a-leak

    So far so good. Redirected flow, kept suction off main drain line, tonight will be a full 48hr cure and so far no water loss. Pool is back to crystal clear and pressure is only up a bit. Have my fingers crossed this is a done deal. Stuff worked great, just like advertised.
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    Marlig fix-a-leak

    Makes sense. Thanks. I just didn't want to brick my grids, which are brand new.
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    Marlig fix-a-leak

    As I posted before I've identified a main drain leak. Before simply plugging it and going without I wanted to try this product. I was losing about 2" of water daily. Since this was a suction leak I followed their recommendations and reversed the flow so the water was returning through the...
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    How critical is a main drain?

    Thanks. I'm looking at this one- In my rectangular pool, would you still direct the flow parallel to the wall but downwards? Or more angled towards the deep end? Right now it's pointed right at the wall and making the turn even just...
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    How critical is a main drain?

    Yes and this could be easily done with my set up. My pool has never had an eye, just a 1.5" threaded opening which is about 18" down from the top of the wall and aimed straight at the opposite wall. Do you think an eye would help circulation wise? After I typed the OP I'm leaning towards...
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    How critical is a main drain?

    I have a 16'x32' hopper bottom IG vinyl liner pool. Deep end is 8'. Pool is 20+ yrs old, only has one return in the shallow end parallel to the 16' side, same side of pool as skimmer which is mid pool on the 32' side. Main drain centered in the 8' deep end. About a month before I planned...
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    Pulling out my hair with a pool leak!!!

    Way back when I went through a similar process. Finding nothing with the piping, I donned a mask and swam back and forth like I was mowing the bottom of the pool. Found a 2" tear in the liner in the deep end. Patched it and leak stopped. Doesn't sound like you have a liner but maybe the...
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    Air leak update

    The pipes aren't connected under the sleeve. Basically they are butted close to each other about mid-way, then the hose clamps provide the friction to hold them together as well as seal. Did whoever plumbed the piping into the filter use pipe thread compound instead of teflon tape? Tape...
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    low pressure from outflow is filter the problem

    Have you tried a drain king in the return lines from the equipment back to the pool? Sounds like a possible blockage? If flex hose was used for the return lines, perhaps the ground settled causing a kink? Not sure if this could happen with flex pipe. No idea how chlorine could cause a kink...
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    Spec a new pump

    I have a 3/4hp pentair 2 speed on my 21,200 gal pool and on low the skimmer works just fine. Fantastic flow on high as well.
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    replacing skimmer on agp, do I have to lower water level?

    If that's all I was trying to solve I'd use a piece of wood and some bungee straps :)
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    Air leak update

    Is the PVC coming into your pump joined to copper pipe (based on the green possibly being corrosion)? If it is, with the corrosion present, possibly a pin hole has developed somewhere in the copper pipe?
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    Downgrading from a 3/4hp to 1/2hp Hayward super pump

    Only real issue with the downgrade is how many GPMs the smaller pump will put out, and is it enough to turn your pool over in a 24 hr. period. I suspect it is more than adequate for your size pool, and wouldn't bother with changing the piping configuration just because.
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    Air leak update

    Somewhere between the pump and skimmer air is getting in. Check every connection.
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    DE and algae flowing back into pool -- help me diagnose.

    I have run the exact same filter for 10+ years without any of the issues you are describing.
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    Intelliflo Owners - Hear a Soft Squeak on Start/Stop ?

    I get that with my new whisperflo.
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    Another Sand in Pool Thread....

    Absolutely. You can put a sock over your return to see if it catches anything, then you'll know if it's getting out of the filter or just blowing in the wind :)
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    Vacuuming trouble

    Lose a lot of water doing this every time. I typically only vacuum to waste at the beginning of the year or if something went bad wrong, which hasn't happened since going BBB :) If you cracked a lateral inside the filter, you won't see a visible leak outside the filter canister.
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    Need help with skimmer problem please...

    You can try using a hose and a drain king from the pump end forcing water back out the skimmer.
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    Pump Recommendation Thread #4927

    Avoid like the plague.
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    Pump Problems

    If you need a new pump don't overlook the pentair dynamo 1hp 2spd. The low setting will save you money.
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    DE filter pressure never raise?

    +1, one of the great side affects of properly applied BBB :)
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    Replacing multiport valve

    Wow, great result. Did you end up replacing the spring? Great job :)
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    Replacing multiport valve

    Tammi, if you don't have it back together, one thing I noticed when I recently took mine apart was initially the spider gasket looked fine to me, flat on top and smooth. However the replacement isn't flat on top, the spokes and around the outside diameter is half rounded. Years of use had worn...
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    Replacing multiport valve

    Another thing, How old is the multi-port? If you recently replaced the gasket, perhaps your spring/washers are bad as well, preventing the valve diffuser from seating with enough pressure. I'm going through this with mine right now, and have the spring parts on the way.
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    "Electrical" buzz coming from motor...

    Most likely the new motor is moving more water and you are hearing friction in the pipes. If I were you I'd go with the new psi # as normal, and backwash when it increase by 10. As long as both are below your filter psi rating (I bet a dollar they are well below), you should be good to go.
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    aquatech diatomaceous earth filter

    My 36sq' FNS+ only requires 3.5#.
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    aquatech diatomaceous earth filter

    It means that your grids provide 60'ft of surface area for the DE to attach to and water to filter through. Mine is only 36. Bigger is better :) More time between breakdown and cleaning or back-washing.
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    Pump Recommendation Thread #4927

    I'm tickled to death with the pentair WFDS-3 (by the way, check the service factor you listed for this pump in your post, I believe it's 1.67ish). I have a 21,200 IG and on low it turns my pool over more than twice in 24 hrs. Great pump, and plenty of flow/suction on high for vacuuming, etc.