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  1. poolnoobgrandma

    Spa therapy jet height

    We requested and got jets at varying heights. After the PB site supervisor originally said it couldn't be done. He was a lying idiot on that and many other issues.
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    Perimeter Overflow Spa vs Infinity Edge Spa - Houston, TX

    That's our method 😁
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    Hi! About to Build First Pool

    Welcome!! I started here a 2 1/2 years ago when we were just thinking about building a pool. We've been swimming for almost a year and a half and the advice we got here has been invaluable. Once you are in the design/quote stage, start a thread in the "under construction" forum, and you'll get...
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    The Mess Is Now Plastered!

    I am reminded of the guidance for classroom expectations. 4 C's: Clear, Concise, Consistently enforced, with Consequences. Apparently pool builders need similarly framed expectations. 😁
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    It’s worth it, right?

  6. poolnoobgrandma

    First pool Tampa area

    My Tampa PB was all Hayward. PM me if you want to see if we're talking about the same people.
  7. poolnoobgrandma

    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!!!
  8. poolnoobgrandma

    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    I wanted a deeper blue... I wish we had gone with ocean blue instead of blue granite.
  9. poolnoobgrandma

    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    I've seen a couple of posts now about pool builders who also do pool service in Texas. I'm starting to wonder if they discourage saltwater pools because it eats into the maintenance business. We have saltwater pools all over Florida. Nobody quoted us a pool that wasn't saltwater. The anti-salt...
  10. poolnoobgrandma

    New Owner, In the dark...

    You can do this! You should add chlorine. Plain bleach (no additives, NOT low splash, no cloramax, etc.) or pool chlorine from home depot or Walmart. I highly recommend the pool math app that's available on this site. You can track your tests and use the "effects of adding" feature to determine...
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    Rain or bad SWG?

    If that is really the case (I agree that you should confirm with the manufacturer) you can permanently adjust chlorine production by reducing pump run time.
  12. poolnoobgrandma

    Cost to build a pool in North Texas?

    I've heard that Texas builders don't like salt for some reason. I think you'll find that the vast majority of experts on this site highly recommend saltwater chlorine generators. We love ours. It has made managing our pool super simple. It's your money your pool, but I recommend that you do a...
  13. poolnoobgrandma

    My 120v Hot Tub started burning/melting the power cord last night.

    Hubby is an electrical engineer, and we are experienced DIYers.. but we call the professionals when we need to. Please call a licensed electrician. Your family's safety is at stake.
  14. poolnoobgrandma

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    Nearly? I'd say more than double... I think we have all been through the pool quote sticker shock "phases of grief."
  15. poolnoobgrandma

    Question --- Best season to build a pool?

    Pool builders seem to be pretty backed up right now. I'd go with the November start date. Even if they have delays you'll probably be swimming next summer. With the March date, if it gets pushed back due to demand, and you have any other delays, you will lose your swim season next year. We had...
  16. poolnoobgrandma

    Starting soon, Tampa area.

    I think 3 feet is too shallow for the shallow end. You won't be able to swim without hitting the bottom. I also recommend an auto drain. Our pool is about a year and a half old, and I wish we had done that.
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    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    I don't think heat pumps will heat ice cold water up north in the winter, but we're in Florida. Ours heated our spa when we used it last winter. The pool would just take a lot longer to get to the desired temperature. And I mean days,, not hours. But if you keep it covered when not in use, and...
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    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    Agree on getting the heater now. We are just across the bay and using the heater and a solar cover to swim NOW. Of course we're wimpy Floridians, and anything under 87 feels chilly😁.
  19. poolnoobgrandma

    Best Tanning Ledge Chairs

    Also, the Lowes Adirondack chair arms are 100 % level, so make a great place to rest a beverage or snack.
  20. poolnoobgrandma

    Best Tanning Ledge Chairs

    We got plastic adirondack chairs from Lowes. Really inexpensive, and folks can sit there and visit with the people in the pool or spa.
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    First pool Tampa area

    I had a regional differences thread going somewhere, and I think this is one of them. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely get an auto drain. Autofill is really not something I think I need here in sunny and rainy Florida, and the extra headaches outweigh the potential advantages. "...
  22. poolnoobgrandma

    First pool Tampa area

    In our area, we have to fill so little, and we get so much rain, that I'm not sure an auto leveler is worth the risk that you could have a leak without knowing it. Definitely wish we had the auto drain.
  23. poolnoobgrandma

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    We did get the chiller, but have not used it this summer. Turns out we like water near 90°.
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    First pool Tampa area

    I wish we had gotten an overflow drain/auto drain. Auto fill is less important in Tampa Bay, IMO. If you get a bunch of dry, sunny days, it's pretty easy to throw the hose in the pool for a half an hour. As opposed to having to dodge lightning in a multiday monsoon as your pool overflows and...
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    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    I use my automation to adjust run times, SWCG percentages, and heater settings. As clunky as the Hayward Aquaconnect is, I'm really glad I have it.
  26. poolnoobgrandma

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    We mostly like our pebble sheen, but it is rougher than I would have liked, especially on 90 angles, (spa seat, ledge and step corners.) 20/20 hindsight I would have been more proactive about asking the PB to ensure that it was as smooth as possible. We went with terrazzo coping and a stone look...
  27. poolnoobgrandma

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    We went with a heat pump that also has a chiller. Details in my signature. Heat pump has been all we need. 4k sounds high, but I know that prices on things have changed a lot due to tariffs, etc. We are 100% happy with the heat pump. Got us swimming in April, and kept us swimming through...
  28. poolnoobgrandma

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    Hi Seminole neighbor! We had ours put in last year by one of the bigger, very reputable places, but had wanted to go with a small boutique family run pool company except that they didn't have any time on their schedule to do it. We've been loving our pool, and I'm sure you will love yours!