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  1. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Pretty sure it's solvent based. You can try sending an email at the link I provided.
  2. RMcGirr83

    Thinking of creating a DIY WiFi enabled PID controlled hot tub control system - Anybody wanna help?

    I'll help drink your beer. ;) Building something like that is just completely beyond me.
  3. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    So got around to doing the shower. Not as impressed as I am with doing the granite. Seems to leave a white haze on the pebbles for some unknown reason (may have been application error). We'll leave it for now and just let it wear off over time.
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    New to owning a pool, this doohicky is squeaking...

    That is an auto fill device. We have the same type of one on our pool. Although it doesn't sound like that (that sound is the valve closing).
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    Scared of Pool Color

    Emphasize "a lot".
  6. RMcGirr83

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    Once again 2020 sucks. Glad no one was injured. It could have been worse.
  7. RMcGirr83

    Mystery pipe ID

    If it was connected to your septic I'm pretty sure you'd know it just by the smell. 🤷
  8. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Stop trying to spend my money like my wife 😝
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    Spa Renovation - How do you make spa 2 inches higher

    These are all level 2. Keep in mind many will have remnants because, well, stuff breaks and they usually sell them for less.
  10. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Talked to the wife and we plan on doing our shower with the stuff because we get crazy amounts of hard water stuffs when the water evaporates so maybe it'll help. Floor and accent only...not doing the walls. This is what it looked like brand spanking new. It's now covered in a white haze...
  11. RMcGirr83

    Spa Renovation - How do you make spa 2 inches higher

    In order as I posted Level 5 Level 5 Level 6 They are all 3cm thick, the remaining 2cm could probably be made up of mortar that you're going to need anyway...I think. There are some very pretty slabs out there that are level 1 or 2. In fact our kitchen counter is a level 2 and is called...
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    Spa Renovation - How do you make spa 2 inches higher

    If you wanted the wow factor get something like this Or something like this and have lights put in
  13. RMcGirr83

    Water Leak on Retaining Wall

    That is NOT normal.
  14. RMcGirr83

    Spa Renovation - How do you make spa 2 inches higher

    You could always get a hold of a stone fabricator, get a slab of marble, quartzite or granite or whatever. Have the fabricator measure, cut and install the whatever you decide on getting. A slab typically runs ~70 sq ft and depending on the level (eg cost per sq ft) can cost anywhere from $420...
  15. RMcGirr83

    Is a waterfall worth it?

    Here's a picture of mine...I haven't been able to prune the trees back as much as I'd like. :P PS no we don't have a waterfall then again our children are grown so it was never a consideration anyway.
  16. RMcGirr83

    Total alkilinity

    I have the ColorQ and the TA always reads ~30 less than titration. There is also a new reagent out for the ColorQ as well, no idea why but it >seems< to be just a wee bit more accurate (difference usually ~20 compared to titration).
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    Help Wiring A New SWG

    Don't know but that price is a bit high. I found the exact same model for under $40.
  18. RMcGirr83

    Solar cover?

    I think it's a combination of lack of exposure to sunlight and lack of evaporation.
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    TV Fence Mount

    This may work well. You'll have to figure out how to attach it to the fence. Maybe use self tapping metal screws or something. Easy on, easy off.
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    Solar cover?

    Ditto, I don't need to add nearly as much chlorine, or as often, as I used to prior to the cover.
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    Best Pool Camera for Safety

    We have a ring stickup cam mounted under the eave of our back porch roof. Plugged in no charging required. Get motion detection and the app on my phone goes off if motion is detected. We like it.
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    The absolute best granite sealer

    I'll take the green egg. Why the heck are their holes in your column and side wall? Pergola or something?
  23. RMcGirr83

    In-pool umbrella recommendations

    Got ours at Sam's club 2 years ago. Still going strong to this day (pole is aluminum).
  24. RMcGirr83

    Turkey fryer grease ALL OVER Loop Loc cover

    Husband needs to do the stripping/staining and fall house cleaning. ;) Repentance for his faux pas.
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    Redoing concrete around pool

    I take umbrage to that statement :P
  26. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Dry lint free cloth. Doesn't need to be completely gone. The wiping off of excess is for those types of stone that aren't as porous as say travertine or flag stone.
  27. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Thanks for the review @Katodude . We have granite and so far have very similar results as far as the water beading (or as they call it "pearling"). Haven't tried it on our flagstone coping yet but so far we're pretty impressed with the stuff. It is also supposed to be completely UV...
  28. RMcGirr83

    Installation timelapse - Fox Ultimate pool

    That was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Felt like I was watching ants work.