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    Diatomaceous mistake

    You can also try putting SlimeBags / Polishing bags on your returns for a while to capture the rogue DE.
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    Is it just me or are pool wands the biggest racket in all of pool ownership?

    I have an aluminum one. It does not have that sort of locking mechanism. There is an eccentric cam on the end of the inside pole. When you screw down the collar it locks. It came with the house 8 years ago and is still going strong.
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    Does anyone vacuum their pool while INSIDE the pool?

    I do it all the time. As long as you go slow and don't thrash about you don't kick anything up.
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    Any idea what this junk is? (SoCal area)

    I would get that sort of stuff every so often. I believe ti is either dead algae or pollen (or both). The reason I think it may no be algae is because my chlorine consumption does not changed, and my CC never went above 0. It also only appears early in the season (when the trees are blooming...
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    Moving to salt?

    I just dump it in, and then brush it around with my pool brush to get it dissolved. Takes less than 5 minutes of brushing the pile back and forth to get a 40lb bag dissolved (depending on water temp)
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    Moving to salt?

    Not at all. It's just salt. I mean if you went crazy and ran it up to ocean levels, then sure it might have some impact, but at regular salt pool levels of 3,000 ppm give or take, it does not do anything. As was said, a salt pool IS a chlorine pool. If you add X amount of bleach a day to...
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    OCLT test, how long, the night hours can very

    There are two things (generally) that lower your FC - sunlight, and organic material in the water. The point of the OCLT is that there is no sunlight, so if your FC goes down, it is due to organic material. If your OCLT starts or end when the sun is up, then you have not eliminated the effects...
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    First time pool build, solar

    You hit on some of the most common misconceptions about pools and pool care. Chlorine is not harsh. Bleach is not harsh. Unless you have very sensitive skin, the chlorine in a pool is not going to bother you. Or let me amend that. The CORRECT level of chlorine in a pool is not going to harm...
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    Stainless Steel pool?

    I cant imagine the work needed for a full SS pool. I assume it is welded. Are the welds sanitary welds? Is that overkill for a pool - maybe not. Geez that is expensive. Is the copper pool soldered together?
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    Smelly swimsuits

    How to put this delicately. CC are a result of FC reacting with organic matter and oxidizing it. You may have no CC's in your pool because you are measuring the pool water and the water has no organic material in it. However, the swimsuits may have organic matter in them. Note that I am...
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    Contractor forgot to grout around tile - pool already filled

    Grout cures to a water inert substance. Not water proof. Grout is porous and water will migrate through it. That is one of the reasons you need to put a waterproof membrane in your shower. Even with tile and grout, water will get through the grout lines. Maybe that is what you meant when you...
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    ”leave” me alone

    That looks like tar spot fungus. It really does nothing to the tree, except make the effected leaves drop earlier. It is not going to grow in your pool water, it grows on maple trees. In fact, your pool may be helping your maples. You really cannot spray to get rid of it, as you have to cover...
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    Backfill advice

    My friend has the same situation - in ground liner pool with a very high water table. He also has a paver patio around the pool. When he had his pool re-done, the PB backfilled with crushed stone. You really should have some dewatering points installed. These are pipes that will go down under...
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    CYA Test Frequency

    Just FYI, evaporation does not change CYA. Aside from the slow natural degradation of CYA, it will only go down if you remove the liquid water it is dissolved in - splash out, overflow from rain, vacuuming to waste, backflushing, etc. It pretty much works like salt, except salt does not degrade.
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    Do integrated Gunite/concrete spas really suck?

    I have been in both kinds plenty of times (but own neither) a integrated spa is more like a small pool - you can move around in it and it has bench seating, while a stand alone more or less has built in chairs. Integrated spas usually have less jets than a stand alone. Yes, some integrated spas...
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    How often do you really test your water?

    Up until this season I was down to FC, CC and pH maybe 3 times a week and rarely anything else. My pool took a liter of bleach, every day, like clockwork. If I had a big bather load, or a monsoon came through, then maybe I would test and adjust, but in reality, that pool was so consistent and...
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    If you have followed all the instructions for SLAMing a pool, I don't see anything wrong with the rate your FC is dropping My pool, which is similar in size to yours, used to loose about 0.5 ppm of FC a day when I had it around 6.0 ppm and 80 ppm of CYA. -dave
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    Decking around or close to trees

    That is a shame. As much as it pains me (I have loads of trees, have planted more trees on my property, and I used to be a Shade Tree Commissioner) I think you have made the right decision to remove that tree.
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    Mask necessary when adding chlorine or shock?

    "Do like you ought ta' Acid to watta" -dave
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    Mask necessary when adding chlorine or shock?

    I have never used any sort of PPE or old clothes while adding bleach. I have a handful of ruined shirts to prove that fact. I use eye protection when adding acid. Technically they are not the correct eye protection (they are goggles, but not splashproof goggles)
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    New pool install - which test kit?

    TF100 yes XL size bottle of CYA test reagent - I highly recommend adding this one when opening a new pool and getting used to testing CYA Speed Stir - Not necessary, but it does make things a LOT easier.
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    New pool owner - how often is it ok to check and treat your pool?

    First - get one of the recommended test kits, not what you have. You really need one in order to be able to maintain your pool Second - As to how often to test, well that depends. When I first started I tested every day, a full battery of tests, and I wrote down the results. Over time, I cut...
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    First year pool care problem

    Just to give an analogy. Your pool is sick, just like you can get sick. You know how the doctor gives you a series of antibiotics and says you need to take the whole series, even if you feel better, because if you stop the illness can come roaring back? That is how your pool is. It is...
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    Chlorine Tablets ok?

    Because it is easy. Just to go back and answer some of your questions. 1) There is a lot of mis-information about pool water chemistry out there. Some of it is because of old legal requirements for certain pool types (such as no CYA in public pools), some of it is 'folklore' that has somehow...
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    Level it Right the first time.

    Pavers are a good idea, for a cheaper (and easier) route you could go with Quarry Process. It may be called something different in your area - DGA (Densely Graded Aggregate), Crusher Run (Not "Crush-n-Run"), QP, 3/4" minus ("Three quarter minus"), road base, or some other term I have yet to hear...
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    Reuse of Water - New Vinyl Liner

    I have heard of people buying an Intex type pool off of Craigslist, using that to hold the water, and then turning around and selling it on Craigslist again. -dave
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    Solar Cover in full sun and higher chlorine levels than manufacture will warranty

    Same story as above. You are not going to find a solar cover that allows any sort of useful FC level. Even if you did, if the cover failed, you are going to get a prorated warranty claim, after a boat load of hassle, if you even get it at all. My cover is now on it's 4th season, and this will...
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    48 and finally getting a pool

    I know everybody says get double the size. However, I have a Hayward Aquatrol. My pool is about the same volume as yours. 27' diameter, with 48" walls, so call it 45" of water in the pool. I run my SWG 4 hours a day at 70% and it keeps my pool where it needs to be. That SWG is running no...
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    Starting TFPC from zero

    Others have given great advice. Just to chime in. 1) Get a good test kit, not something that uses comparisons of colors or strips, but a drop based test kit (CYA, pH, and borates if you go that route are OK to use different tests than drop based color change) . Chances are you are not going to...
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    48 and finally getting a pool

    Use the pool math tool on this site to check. 9 lbs seems like a lot to me. I raised mine from 40 to 80 this season because I switched to a SWG, and I think I used about 3 lbs. Maybe, I don't have the numbers handy. I have a 27' round pool, but only 42" so its about the same volume as yours. I...