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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    I don't think he was ever tested. During the beginning (March - July) we were the same way in NJ. No test unless you were had symptoms. He had is cough in January and after a week was done with it. I myself would have never got a test either - its just that my doctor likes to order blood tests.
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Back in January, the guy I sit next to at work came back from a trip to Egypt. He had a cough that he could not shake for about 10 days. No fever, negative for strep and flu, just a nagging cough. About 2 weeks later my entire house came down with something. Felt like a bad flu for about 10...
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    Horse in the pool

    A family we are friends with here had a similar incident a few years back. It was summer, and the daughter looked out the kitchen window and asked "Mom, why is the horse in the pool?" It got out of the back fenced in pasture and walked down the stairs into the in ground pool
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    What I Saw at Home Depot Yesterday...

    Years ago, when I had much less money, and apparently less brains as well, I had bought my first house and did almost of of the renovations myself. I had a 4 speed Toyota Tercel EZ hatchback at the time. I needed a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood and some 4' x 8' sheetrock. Back then having something...
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    Sashimi! Delicious or just Bait?

    I have to agree. I eat many many things - sushi and sashimi being two of them (jelly fish, turtle, deer, bear, etc etc). If there is a reason to eat it live - such as an oyster, then sure I am all for it. But, eating something that is alive, just for the sake of eating it alive, that does not...
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    Vacation pool

    It has to be a combination of island mentality and a lack of easily available materials. The bathroom in the airport had three urinals, all connected via EMT (metal electrical conduit) - not pipe, to a repurposed toilet tank that was hanging on the wall above them. I guess you flushed the tank...
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    Vacation pool

    Since it is the coffee bar, I will tell the whole story. My wife and I scored some beachfront chairs and set up our spot for the day. We were sitting there when about 9 AM a Pargo type dump - one of those small landscaper types that you see on campus settings - comes driving down the beach with...
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    Vacation pool

    We just got back from a vacation at Sandals Resort in St Lucia. After watching the maintainence staff do their job down there, it is clear they work on island time/attitude. I could tell stories of them getting a pargo dump stuck in the surf while trying to dump rock to build up the jetty, or...
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    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    According to my college degrees, I am a Civil / Environmental engineer - which I was for a while - mainly earthworks construction, test borings, monitoring wells, site surveys, that sort of stuff - playing in the dirt. Then somehow I ended up with the NY State Department of Public service...