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    Old Pool to New Aquarium?

    I am not sure what sort of structure this pool is in - A 12' deep 30' round pool in a room with minimal natural light? The only thing in my head right now is an old water tank that was designed for watering live steam locomotives that was converted into a warehouse that I once worked on. Think...
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    Kids in the pool

    I understand that train of thought, but if you subscribe to that, then you should not be driving alone, out hiking in the woods alone, climbing a ladder alone, you should never ride a bike or motorcycle. There are a LOT of things that can happen to a person in the course of daily events. I will...
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    Kids in the pool

    My 10 (11 in 2 weeks) and 13 year old girls swim alone. However, I have a 48 inch deep ABG pool, and both of them can easily stand in it. If there was any water that was over their heads, they would not be swimming alone. My 10 year old also has a love affair with snorkling. She will wear her...