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    Weird ph levels

    My ph levels slowly but continuously rise. I have a raised hot tub that pours into my pool. I like to keep the ph between 7.4-7.6. I have to add a little acid about every 2 weeks. My older brother's pool is almost identical. He lives about 2 miles away. My next-door neighbor and a friend...
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    Tablet Chlorinator

    Earlier this spring I switched to an automated liquid chlorine system. My original table chlorinator is still in place as well. I also had a few gunite repairs that caused me to drain most/all of my pool. My CYA after the refill was close to 0. I used tablets to get the CYA level up then...
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    R-0870 powder

    I bought my first TF-100 last spring. A couple of weeks ago I ordered refills. My old R-0870 powder has darkened. The new powder is lighter. Is my old powder still good to use until gone or should I throw it away and go with the lighter powder (or combine them into 1)?
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    Muriatic Acid Concentration

    Hi. I just upgraded to a premium on the app. As I use the pool math app it gives me the option of 14.5% and 29% for muriatic acid. I get this stuff from Home Depot. Should I just use the 29% figures?
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    Ph, TA and CH Issues

    Recently I had white patches on my Quartzscape pool. I posted those issues back in a different thread. The pool resurfacing company came out and dumped several gallons of muriatic acid in the pool then tied a recirculation pump (so I wouldn't use my pool pumps) and left it there for a few...
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    Pump making noise

    I have a Pentair InteliflowXF variable speed pump. Yesterday I noticed it making a loud mechanical hum. The noise changes with RPM. I was worried about running it, perhaps bad bearings. Any thoughts?
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    Iron out?

    I had the guy who replastered my pool last year to come out with issues I'm having that I posted on another thread (white spots). He noticed the brown on my jets and recommended an iron-out or metal-out product. He said he'd text me the product info later. Any suggestions? The pictures are...
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    White spots

    I wasn't sure which category to post this in as I do not believe this is an algae problem. In February I had my pool resurfaced with Quartzscape in French Gray. On both the floor and walls I have these white spots/blotches cover a high percentage of the pool area. I have scrubbed them but...
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    Filter cleaning

    I clean my cartridge filters about every 3 months. I use a garden hose and it takes about an hour to clean all 4. Once, my neighbor suggested I fill a trash can with diluted muriatic acid and submerge the filters to make them white again. I did this. It made a big mess but the filters came...
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    Pool ring

    I wasn't sure which section to post this in. I have been doing the TFP method for over a month now. My pool has never been more clear. I have a flagstone around the waterline of the pool. It has a dark ring that has been there for a long time. Today I took a 3" chlorine tab and rubbed it...
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    FC depletion rates

    Does FC deplete daily at the same rate regardless of its level? I have a CYA of about 80 (used to be 100 so I drained 14" out to get it to 80). I have been keeping the FC level around a 10. I lose about 4ppm/day here in Houston and this requires me to add about 1/2 gal of 10% liquid bleach/...
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    Variable speed pump run times

    I have a Pentair IntellifloXF. I currently run it at 2900 RPM for about 10 hours a day (9am-7pm). I have a raised hot tub with a water spout/fall that I want to have the proper flow as well as circulate the pool. I was considering running the pump at a lower setting, maybe at 1000 RPM, for a...
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    Hello from Houston

    Hello all. I've been on the site for a few weeks now. The help/advice I've received has been outstanding. With everyone's continued support I look forward to many years of a trouble free pool!
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    Do the Member's Mark Tabs have stabiizer?

    I just got the TF-100 test kit. My CYA also reads 100. I also use the Members Mark tablets. How much water should I drain to get it in the proper range? Then do I switch to liquid bleach? Thanks.