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    This doesn't look good.

    Pressure valve doesn't reach over 15 but drops to 0 and then climbs back to 15--rinse and repeat. Basket also not staying primed when I turn on filter. When backwashing the flow goes from normal to low and etc. **SOLVED** Skimmer Flap/Wall was stuck preventing water and creating a suction of air.
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    The results are in

    Got my TF Test Kit in the mail today! Already tested the water...and boy do I want to punch Leslies in the throat. 0.5 CL 1.0 BR 8.2 PH 0.5 FC 0.5 CC 175 CH 187 TA 30 CYA 1000 NaCL per Taylor Salt Test Strips I just downloaded the PoolMath app however I don't know if I can trust the SWG...
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    SPK - CFH - Flame - Repeat

    Hello. I moved into this home last November. I haven't had any success with heating the spa. Allow me to take you down the path... The first issue I had was when it Called for Heat I smelled gas. The pilot unit was completely rusted! I replaced the pilot. No longer smelled gas and was getting...