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    Help me decipher my PH level please

    Not sure why but it seems as though the colors have changed or my eyes have. Would you say this is a 7.7 since it looks bright orange with no pink tint?
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    Is this Calcium?

    Our pool was completed last October and I didn't start the TFP methods until this spring but believe I do a fairly good job of keeping my CSI in line. Prior to that we were using chemicals which y'all told me was likely the cause of my high CH (was over 600 in the spring) I test water daily and...
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    chlorine dosing pump diy

    i am contemplating adding a stenner pump to inject liquid chlorine into my pool and right now i have a nature pro fusion chlorinator inline with an empty cartridge, what are your thoughts about putting the injector in the top of the empty cartridge so i dont have to drill a hole in my piping...
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    order of events while replacing water due to high calcium hardness

    My readings from this morning were as follows: FC 2.6 CC 0 PH 7.8 TA 80 CH (honestly unsure Last test was 600 early in the week....see below) CYA 50 TEMP 78 CSI .38 Our pebble pool was just installed last October. I thought that I was maintaining it properly by checking the chemicals every...
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    New member, new pool, new to forum life, high calcium hardness, possible chlorinator problem

    Thank you so much for this forum. I am hoping to learn quickly and be able to contribute to others in the future. I am finally posting for the 1st time and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Our pool construction was complete in early October. All of the plaster creme was not sufficiently removed during...