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    Build in progress

    We’re 6 hours in on building our 18’ saltwater lx...sunburned and shaky-armed...and I have to say this is the worst project ever. Cutting the foam was a nightmare and if I never hear from my brother or nephew again, I’ll know it was due to the miserable pool wall that had them cursing. We are...
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    Pool goes up on Saturday!

    I have a giant pallet in my driveway and we’re assembling on Saturday! For those of you who’ve build a pool, how long should I plan on assembly taking? We’ll have 4-5 adults and it’s going on concrete so there’s no ground leveling. It is an 18’ round by 54” deep Saltwater LX.
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    Opinions on this package?

    Opinions on this build? Pool- 15’ or 18’ Saltwater LX from poolfactory Liner- Tan stone mosaic from propools Pump/filter- Aquapro 1.5 hp 2 speed cartridge Other stuff- ground pad, foam cove, solar cover and reel, deck ladder I’ll get off amazon This will be on a concrete pad with full sun...
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    Painting resin

    Has anyone ever painted their resin top rails? Thinking of using plastic spray paint matched to the deck color, but not sure how it’ll hold up to water.
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    Bonding Woes

    I have an existing concrete pad in my yard. I plan to put a 15’ above ground pool on it. The pool I’m looking at has resin top and bottom rail and is 54” deep.The pool will have a deck on one side and a waterslide on top of the deck. I’ve read every bonding thread here and I’m still...
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    Looking for agp with narrow top rail

    Can anyone recommend a good above ground pool with narrow top rails/seats or no top seat thing at all? I’d like something without the big wide top rail.
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    Overlap or unibead?

    Which did you choose? Do you regret your choice? Any advice?
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    How did you find an installer?

    I'm planning to order a pool from the pool factory, but after looking at the instructions, there is absolutely now way I can build it. There are no above ground pool companies or installers in my area. Has anyone here had luck hiring a handyman or contractor to build a pool? Were they able to do it?
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    Liner options

    I'm looking at at 12' round saltwater lx pool as I think the brown colors will look better in my yard than gray/white. I want a unibead liner but my choices are really really limited with 12' round 54" pool. I've scoured the internet and found nothing. Anyone know if there's a way to have a...
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    Why so much?

    This is pure whining--but also a bit of genuine questioning! Why are pools so insanely expensive? I want a hole in the ground, perhaps as small as 8x10, 12x10 at very largest. No diving board, no grotto, no volleyball net or spitting statues, no bulky faux-marble hot tub benches and stupid hot...
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    Black pool

    I wanted an inground pool, but can't find an interested builder (it's a small job). Anyway, now I'm looking at above ground pools but I really want to find a black one so it will blend in with my yard better. Is anyone here aware of a make/model that comes in black? Also, is there a way to hide...
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    Concrete above ground

    Has anyone here ever done a concrete above ground pool? Like the type you'd see at a resort, where it almost looks like a fountain or something Is this a terrible idea?
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    Tiny Pool?

    Has anyone built a tiny pool? I'm talking like 10x12 or something. I don't have much space, but I want a place to splash around and cool off with my kids in the courtyard area in front of my house. I already have a hot tub, so I don't want a "swim spa" and I don't want anything particularly...