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    Low calcium and fiberglass pool

    First year with our pool and I’m still getting the hang of this chemical testing. From what I understand, since I have fiberglass, the fact that my calcium hardness is a little low is immaterial to me right? The pool math app keeps telling me to adjust it and add 50lbs of stuff and I figured...
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    Ideal chlorine values....I’m confused

    I’m in Tulsa. But graduated Klein High. Go Bearkats! Sorry....saw you’re from the Woodlands. Anyway, I filled out my signature so hopefully the info shows now. I filled it out in another area but guess that wasn’t visible. I have the TF 100 and it came with the Taylor 3...
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    Ideal chlorine values....I’m confused

    Sorry....just got my test kit a couple weeks ago and have done the quick due test that keeps showing the middle yellow 2ppm total chlorine in recommended range. I’m getting 2.5 with the drop test. But the guide and results are saying I’m way low....supposed to be over 5ppm and I need to shock...
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    Heat pump and chiller

    New to the group and having a pool. First summer and it’s already getting hot and testing my pvc sprayer attachments on the return. One bought from amazon and other 4 diy. Reading more and kore about chillers and heaters you enjoy summer and extend swimming season with heat. Since we don’t...
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    Heat Pump recommendations - Gulf Stream

    so....3 years goes it? Any issues?
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    Gulfstream or Aquacal

    Any decision? I’m researching now and was pushed towards Gulf Stream but not much info out there on them. Wondering if good or problematic.
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    New member-fiberglass pool

    New member, saying hi. Just got a barrier reef fiberglass pool put in this February. Just finished up the landscape, extra concrete etc. no major issues yet. Just got this test kit after looking around and using the various strips sold at big box stores. Trying to figure out how to use...