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    2 leaks - how to fix?

    I think you are underestimating the risk here.
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    pH - how low is too low?

    So my water has stayed pretty well balanced over the summer. My pH would typically be around 7.6 and my alkalinity stayed around 80. However, as the temps have been starting to cool a bit here I brought out my solar cover and my pool has been mostly covered for the past couple of weeks. I...
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    Advice on switching to SWCG

    Actually, just about all the SWG’s I’ve seen allow you to adjust the output rate. (The only one I’ve seen that doesn’t allow this is the cheap Intex SWG). Some have finer control than others... some allow you to adjust the output in 5% increments and others are 25% increments, so you may still...
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    Cost of Intex Ultraframe 16x32

    I don’t mean to pick on you here, but one quick note about this as well. It seems counter intuitive, but a dirty filter will actually clean the water better than a clean filter (at least to a point). The sand filter works by trapping dirt and particles in the small holes between the grains of...
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    Cost of Intex Ultraframe 16x32

    Keep in mind that each time you clean the SWG plates with acid it will slowly erode the special coating on the plates that allows them to generate chlorine. If you clean them excessively it will definitely reduce their lifespan. They are designed to be cleaned occasionally when scale builds...
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    Congrats on the repair. I’m glad you were able to find someone to do the work. On a side note, I can’t imagine working from my knees and leaning over into pools to repair them all day. That’s gotta be terrible for the back.
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    Don’t forget to go to Pentair’s website to register the robot and apply for the $50 rebate.
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    I mean I’m not a professional or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s more than just a crack.
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    Cost of Intex Ultraframe 16x32

    Mine is an XTR. It was definitely a good price. Normally you can get a good deal at the end of the swimming season, but given everything that’s been going on lately I don’t know what the prices are gonna look like this year.
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    Both Lowes and Home Depot will delivery almost anything in the store for a flat fee of about $70, and if you have a Lowes business credit card they’ll reduce that to $20. Depending on how much salt you need it might be worth having them deliver it to save your back. The truck will come with a...
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    Neighbors pool making a swooshing noise

    It looks like the equipment is not really close to the pool, so that might help narrow things down. Does it seem like the sound is coming from the pool itself (in which case it could be a skimmer or something like that) or from the equipment, in which case it could be the pump or the filter...
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    It’s really interesting to me that both cracks seem to be in exactly the same place on opposite sides of the pool. I feel like that could mean something. Exactly what it means I have no idea, but I still feel like it could be significant.
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    Advice on switching to SWCG

    I can answer your first question, at least. It’s definitely not necessary to replace your pump, however SWCG aside there can definitely be some power saving advantages to replacing the pump. If you get a SWCG rated for twice the capacity of your pool like we recommend then you would...
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    Anyone having issues typing on mobile device?

    I don’t have this problem. Clearly because I’m perfect and never make a mistake, so I don’t have to backspace at all. Either that or because I use iOS. But I’m pretty sure it’s the first one;)
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    26' Intex - Planning, Install, Upgrades, and Landscaping Thread

    On a side note, depending on the age of your dryer, you may want to consider replacing the belt while you have it open, or at least inspecting the belt to make sure it’s still in good shape. I needed to replace the belt on a dryer a few years ago and it required about that much disassembly to...
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    26' Intex - Planning, Install, Upgrades, and Landscaping Thread

    When are you going to post the dryer repair photo tutorial?
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    Poolside Bathroom: Standalone or Add-on to House?

    I’m a little late to this conversation, but I’ll add my opinion anyway. My house was built with an outside entrance to the master bath. It is extremely convenient for me when I use the pool. I can just change in my bedroom, then go out through the bath to use the pool. When I come back in I...
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    Probably California. I think just about everything known to man, including my grandmother is a carcinogen according to the state of California.
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    Reviving out of service pool: Finishing pad rebuild; deck cleaning

    I think TA and CH would be more of a nice to know than a necessity before you start your SLAM. The only potential benefit that I can see to knowing your CH ahead of time would be if it was so high that it would require a drain and refill to resolve. At that point you’d probably want to drain...
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    Pre-Rust Protection: Intex Prism Rectangular Frame Pool

    As the owner of an XTR pool, that is very disturbing to see. However, the XTR pools are warranted for two years, so you should be able to get that part replaced. On a side note, I don’t believe that the ladder is made of galvanized steel, so I guess I’m not too surprised to see that rusting...
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    Pool company can't get the water right in our new pool and wants to take out the glass media and put sand in possibly.

    I think there are a couple issues with this. I do agree that in a perfect world it would be best for the pool builders to hand over a pool with perfect water. And I do agree that it would be fair to expect them to fix the water in your pool before they hand it over. However, what I’m...
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    What are these tall, uncapped pipes for?

    Unfortunately I have no idea about the pipes, but I did want to say that the amount of erosion under the pad is very concerning. They probably want to get that fixed soon before something gets damaged.
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    No Expiration Date On TFTkit refills?

    I was curious about this as well and emailed them about it. This is what they told me:
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    Pool company can't get the water right in our new pool and wants to take out the glass media and put sand in possibly.

    Honestly, I have a couple of thoughts on this. First, neither glass nor sand will cause or fix water chemistry issues. If you like the glass media then keep it. If you want the more conventional sand, then have them switch it out. It certainly sounds like they’re willing to...
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    SWG Chlorine Production Ratings

    Looking at the Circupool SJ manual it would appear that it’s a pretty minimal interface. There are only two buttons... + and -. In order to get it into the super chlorinate mode you just keep hitting + until it goes past 100% into super chlorinate. Since there’s not a dedicated button for...
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    SWG run time calculations assistance

    Definitely keep us updated. I’m very interested to see what happens with another brand. Whether this is a problem unique to circupool, unique to your pool, or something that affects the whole industry.
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    Sunken Lounge Inside Pool

    It looks stunning, but I feel like it would be incredibly impractical too. There is really no advantage to having that in the middle of your pool and it takes up so much space in the pool that it would seriously impact the usability of the pool.
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    Leak 💦

    What exactly do you mean by this? You have isolated the leak to the main drain? If so, how have you determined that? Or do you mean that the pool is currently only running on the main drain?
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    SWG for a small pool

    Running the intex SWG for only 3 hours is only going to add 1.9 ppm of FC to your pool and that’s likely not nearly enough. Like @Donldson said you need to run your system for longer to keep up. If you really really wanted to you could get a bigger SWG. Maybe something like a circupool...
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    HELP Closing AGP, with minimal water loss....

    I can’t help with your closing question, but I did want to mention that in the spring if you do need to add large quantities of water and it takes a while there’s no reason that you can’t add liquid chlorine to keep the pool clear even before it’s full enough to run. Just add some chlorine each...