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    Pump Heater Schedule

    Hi, I have a Hayward aquapod 2.0, i have the pump filter running from 8am to midnight, is there a setting to have the heater only run between 8am to 7pm?
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    Setting Spa Water Level

    Hi All, We have a pool/spa combo, and the water in the spa is set a bit too low for our liking. We would like to raise the water level by 2-3 inches. I am assuming I need to adjust one of the actuators? Does anyone have suggestions? Spa Mode I have my valves mapped out as this, and am...
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    How to use the drain

    Hi, I have a wrinkle in my liner near my steps, and I have read that i need to drain the pool to just slightly above, to work it out. I would like to use the hose to drain, and was wondering if there are proper steps, which way should i turn the valve? I have a Hayward P4 remote. Is it as...