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    Swg on above ground pool

    Hi Jennk2, Check your pool warranty but if it is anything like mine it is pretty much useless. My not only is prorated but it also requires to disassemble and ship it back for service/replacement. No way I would ever do that save for some catastrophic failure in a season one or two. As for SWG...
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    Circupool RJ-45+ vs Edge-40

    How long you normally run your pump? I recently got RJ-45 system but I haven't got it installed yet. I decided to go with RJ model because it allows you to set your chlorine production in 5% increasement vs. 12.5% or 15% on other models. You can always adjust your pump running time as well, but...
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    In the market for an AGP robotic cleaner...

    Hi, I just shared my opinion and experience regarding that topic in another thread. You can read it here. It’s post #5. As far as recommendations, a lot of members got Pentair Warrior SE or SI and are happy with them.
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    Dolphin Nautilus

    I don't really think there is something in robots design that makes them suited to in-ground or above ground pool only. In my opinion models that are marketed as above ground tends to be a simpler, cheaper versions of the ones marketed for in-ground pools. There is nothing stopping you from...
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    New M600 robot

    Thanks for sharing. I might attempt to recreate this design. I really like how clean and neat it is.
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    New RJ45+ Install, I glue like a 5 year old.

    According to manual, side with a cable is considered inlet side. In posted picture it looks like it is installed backwards.
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    New RJ45+ Install, I glue like a 5 year old.

    Looks good! I would flip that cell though so the cable comes out at the bottom. Less chance of water penetration.
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    Need help with electrical design.

    Will do. Thanks again
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    Need help with electrical design.

    I decided to move away from UF-B cable. General consensus seems, that although allowed, they are really hard to fish thru conduits. I also found that many THHN labeled cables sold at big home improvement stores are in fact THHN & THWN rated. Looks like this is what I will use. Since they are...
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    Need help with electrical design.

    Thank you.
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    Need help with electrical design.

    I’m having hard time finding THWN-2 rated wire. Can UF-B wire be used in PVC conduit?
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I bet you’ll be able to get better price when you call. I have seen it somewhere else for $45
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    Yes, that insert goes inside your filter basket and stops all but the smallest particles. It acts as a pre-filter. In my opinion it doesn’t really upgrade your filter capabilities but it should save you time cleaning your pleated filter panels because most of the crud won’t get stuck between the...
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    Rough filter insert
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    Need help with electrical design.

    Thank you both. Yes, my pump is 120 V, so if T103 can switch 2 hot wires, that’s perfect. Also good point on SWG load requirements. I couldn’t find that info on a manufacturer specifications, so while browsing thru manual I found given values but I didn’t realize it’s not at 120 V.
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    Need help with electrical design.

    No need to check on that, you made great point - timer override switch could be used to switch power off as needed therefor negating the need for separate switch. No, I don't want to timer to control outlets. I don't have a problem wiring SWG directly to timer but I would like to have pump plug...
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    Need help with electrical design.

    Thank you Allen. I read Mike Holt article you linked on someone else thread while doing my research. According to it, I would also need to install maintenance disconnect if I want to be up to code, correct? I'm also a bit confused if convenience receptacle must be also installed. If I go with...
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    Need help with electrical design.

    Hello I could use some expertise to help me choose the best way to wire my equipment. I have a 24' AGP with pump and filter located on a back corner of my yard. Originally I was planning to run 12 AWG THWN wire in PVC conduit 18 inches bellow the ground with twist lock receptacle connected to...
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    @DanF It appears your filter basket is the same but you missing screen insert. If desired it can be purchased separately.
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    Correct plug? 230V 15A pump circuit

    @ajw22 Could you clarify one thing? If running two separate circuits, (one for pump and one for convenience) can both sets of wires be in the same conduit or each set have to be in it's own conduit?
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    In SLAM process

    I won't put much stress on a pump if that's what you asking. It's probably the same as running slightly dirty filter. The only thing is, your flow might be too high and it might blow it off. You can try women knee high socks if you have any. I have 2 speed pump and I normally have it running on...
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    In SLAM process

    Your eyeball return have a front plate that you can unscrew (counterclockwise) and remove temporarily along with eyeball. You should be able to secure sock to exposed threads with zip ties or nylon string or something like that. Another option, if you have flexible outlet hose from your filter...
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    In SLAM process

    Tracy, I'm so happy for you! You made it thru the whole ordeal and reclaim your pool! As for your questions: - pucks are best to use when you can't do liquid chlorine (vacation, out of town, etc.) - put a sock over your return to find out if sand is coming out your filter. It's possible that...
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    Mustard algae questions...

    Hi Beth Check this Pool School guide - Mustard Algae Most of your questions are answered there. Regarding pool robot, I don't know what type of robot you have but if it's anything like popular Polaris, I would use it. My take is - any extra brushing/scrubbing is definitely beneficial especially...
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    First SLAM

    What's your water volume? How big is your pool? Please fill in your signature. I see you have a sand filter and 1 speed 1.5 hp pump.
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    Dogs in the pool

    I have 2 puppies, Siberian Husky and Golden Doodle. They both about 6 months old. I can't keep them off the pool. They quickly learned to climb the ladder on their own. I have model where you can slide the steps up and lock it. Have to keep steps locked all the time to prevent unauthorized...
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    New house - Need to SLAM but CYA levels high and can't replace/drain

    How is the water? Any cloudiness or sign of algae? Can you get FC to hold? Try to add enough chlorine to raise FC to 10 ppm using with pump running. Test FC after 15 minutes. If FC >5 and no other water issues, you can possibly maintain your pool this season without draining. The only other...
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    New pool owner - cloudy pool w/ 0 CYA reading

    If pool was drained and refilled, your CYA will be 0. However if you think you might have ammonia in your water, add enough chlorine to raise your FC to 10 in accordance with With pump running, test FC 15 minutes later. If FC > 5 ppm, you can add enough stabilizer to raise your CYA to 30 ppm...
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    In SLAM process

    You are correct! I never checked my logs and I just did. My logs are also shifted 5 hours. So I guess if it's consistent across the board it's OK for now.