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    Cheap vacuum

    Recommendation needed for (very) inexpensive inground gunite pool vacuum. I’ll only need it to tidy up between professional cleanings. Recommendations appreciated!
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    How to turn skimmers off

    I’m draining my in ground pool to decrease cya and ch. once it went below side skimmer, it sucker air and stopped draining. How can I turn off side skimmer? I’m not sure which valve does it. Thank you!!
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    Help determining capacity

    I had an inground pool built in 2005. The plan measurements say 32’ length, 16’ width, with depth of 4’x6’x4’ (deeper in the middle) with a more shallow sun bathing area at one end. The plan says pool capacity is 12,840, but when I try to calculate, mine comes out much higher. I need to know...
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    Here are my stats - what next?

    Brand new to testing after discontinuing pool service. They had been using 3” chlorine pucks in my chlorinator. 12,800 gal gunite chlorine pool. Tested using Taylor K-2006. Tested 4 times over 2 days to verify numbers. FC - 6.4 CC - 0 pH - 8.0 (took 2 drops acid challenge to get to 7.6) TA -...
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    Learning and need help

    I have a 12,800 in ground gunite chlorine pool with a cartridge filter. I’ve had a pool company maintain it for the last 6 years at approx $325 a month. Looking to save money, so I discontinued the service and their last treatment was only 6 days ago. I just bought a Taylor K-2006 and I’m...