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    Quarantine Swamp turned Icey Blue Paradise

    Hi y'all! I'm hopping on here to let you know what the last week of my life, and my sibling's lives has consisted of. During the spike of the pandemic, we couldn't get our hands on any bleach. I'm sure y'all all feel my pain when I say I would walk into countless stores, just to be greeted by...
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    Slide Valve flooded my street! Help!

    What a week! I came home from church to a flooding street. My push/pull valve was leaking gallons of water out into my yard and onto the street. I have had a lot of problems with my valve. First it was stuck so I bought some Zer0 lubricant which unstuck it. Then I put everything back together. I...
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    Pump Won't Prime!

    I walked outside to do my daily check of our 26,000 gal. pool. Skimmers were clear, pool was blue, but the filter was at 0 lbs of pressure. I turned off the electricity to the pool and checked my pump basket. It was clear. Then, I re sealed the pump o-ring in case it was getting a little dry. I...