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    First time Closing an in ground pool. Need some advice

    My main concern is if I add any chemicals before I closing? I honestly thought that I just shock it/add chlorine to it before I close it. I’m pretty sure I know how to get all the water out of the lines. I was going to drain pool below skimmer and returns and blow water out with a compressor...
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    Recommendations on pool vacuum hose?

    So I’m looking to buy a 40 foot hose..and I’ve been looking on amazon and seeing “made in USA” hoses..which I thought to be good, but after looking at the reviews I see so many pictures of the hoses with splits and cracks and breakage. I can’t decide on what to go with Can anyone recommend a...
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    How long can I store chlorine?

    So I got a great deal at Home Depot and I was going to buy several gallons of their liquid chlorine which is 10%. I was going to store it in my basement. Which is a cool dry area. How long do you think I could keep it in there for without it going bad? thanks!
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    Can I add Alkalinity up, and shock the pool at the same time?

    After tests, Was going to add some alkalinity up and shock the pool tonight (with Clorox bleach). Is it okay to mix these two?
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    Hello From Long Island New York!

    Hi my name is Justin. So, my wife and I recently bought a house and became an owner of a 18x36 inground chlorinated pool. (I’m thinking to switch to salt but more on that later) I’m not to savvy with pools but I am here to learn and gain much knowledge from all of you. This will help me take...