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    Pool Chemistry is a mess - need advice on where to start..

    Just got my pool water tested and seems I've got some big problems... Need some advice on what to do first, second, third.. etc.. Here's the numbers for my 15K Gal Fiberglass pool Free Chlorine - .11 Total Chlorine - .11 Ph 6.3 Total Alk - 0 Calcium Hardness - 141 CYA - 158 Iron - .1 Copper...
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    Pentair Mastertemp 200 heater doesn't ignite

    Hi Y'all, New to the pool equipment repair world, so I've watched a ton a videos, and am trying my best to repair my Mastertemp200 that won't heat. I've already watched 2 dozen videos, and made some progress, but now I'm stuck about what to replace next. Started with replacing the...
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    Newbie Mistakes with treating Algae

    Like a dummy, I just dumped 3 or 4 bags of 1 pound shock into my pool to deal with the Algae. THEN I watched the SLAM method video and realized that I should tested my PH levels before working adding any chlorine. My question now is how should I proceed? How long can I wait before I can test...