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    Navigator is dead, good excuse to move on, but to what?

    Yay! I seriously despise the Navigator I have, and now it is dead and falling apart. The thing would be stuck on something unseen every morning, probably a spec of dust. Also, as the filter became clogged with debris, the suction would drop, and the Navigator would just not move. I have no...
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    AquaRite Cell or PCB problem?

    Well, the summer was going perfectly for my pool, thanks to this forum. Unfortunately, I've been stricken down by the green devil. My SWG has fallen again in its battle against algae. I have a Naturesoft/Goldline AquaRite SWG, almost 5 years old, on its second cell which is about a year old...
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    Low FC - Any idea why?

    From a sample taken in the morning a few hours after the salt generator was shut off. The system was run for 12 consecutive hours overnight. FC - 0.6 CC - 0.4 PH - 7.6 TA - 110 CH - 800 CYA - 40-50 I have the generation level set to max (100). I will be checking the chlorine levels again...