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    Top-End and Bottom-End Cleaner Experiences: Dolphin Triton PS and Mainstays (Walmart) Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

    Hi, all! Wanted to share some experiences with the above and see what you all thought. The first turned out to be a total and utter lemon (at least mine), and the second one remarkably good value (though it won't quite be my only cleaner going forward). When I bought my house (and therefore...
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    Fittings for return line outlet, unthreaded 1-in pipe

    Hi, all! The return lines for my in-ground pool are unthreaded 1-in pipes. I am wondering what I can do to put any types of fittings onto these (like eyball vents, or perhaps even at some point a little spray fountain). Is there some type of fitting that can be wedged or tapped into the inside...
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    SLAM taking a lot of time and chlorine

    Hi, all! I have done SLAMs before, but this one seems to be slower than usual. I was gone for a bit and pool-care arrangements did not work out so well (let's say), so coming back there was a fair amount of algae growth on the walls, but water was still clear. I measured the chlorine with the...