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    Treating the pool for almost a month now, with little to no results.

    In your recent picture, you appear to have a chlorine floater in your pool. Are you still using chlorine pucks? If so, please stop immediately. You need to take the advice that has been given here and absolutely no other. Buy a proper test kit (TF-100 or K2006c). No other test kit will work...
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    Chlorine and humidifier filter nasties

    Sounds like you need the Essick Air 32 oz. Humidifier Bacteriostatic Treatment they sell it at home depot, 1 bottle last most of winter for me. I have well water so zero chlorine in there and I don't get any mold or anything in mine using this stuff.
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    Copper in Tri-Chlor?

    I'm interested in this because I use a few tablets a month to maintain CYA in the summer. From my reading of the linked discussion, it doesn't seem to suggest that ALL tablet, granules and sticks have copper, but some certainly do. It's also probably fair to say lots of tri-chlor tablets have...
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    High Copper Level

    Since the OP is in mass and the pool is 81 degree F, you must be running a heater
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    High Copper Level

    Typically water exchange is the only way to reduce copper. You might want to check out 'CuLator' though this product is on the expensive side and hasn't been proven to work. Around this forum, we're mostly all chlorine users. It would be helpful if you identify the exact Bromine product you are...
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    FYI - Surprising Sources Of Metal In Pool Water Identified And Fixed (Update)

    Whatever the cause I'm not going to worry much about it. Last season it took about an hour with a bunch of vitamin C tablets and couple magic erasers to get stairs clean!
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    FYI - Surprising Sources Of Metal In Pool Water Identified And Fixed (Update)

    Leaves can cause metal stains? Maybe that explains my experience. Each year upon opening the pool the white fiberglass steps get leaves on them as the stairs stick out and just barely stay covered by the winter cover and the stairs tend to get stained reddish orange. Thinking it was an organic...
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    Minding my CSI, but still scaling in SWG

    well I guess that disproves my theory. looks like the only answer would be just to try and maintain even lower CSI.
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    Minding my CSI, but still scaling in SWG

    How do you set your SWG and pump to run? Not saying I know anything about this, but I'm curious about this pH rise caused by the cell while the cell is producing chlorine. If that is so, I wonder if running at say 25% for 24 hours per day would be different than running the cell 50% for 12...
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    Chlorine lock or bad Chlorine tabs?

    The myth of 'Chorine Lock' (and yes it's definitely a myth) is not that no matter how much chlorine you dump in you still test 0 chlorine. The myth is that you have and test high chlorine levels but you are still getting algae or cloudiness or whatever. The typical case is that a pool owner...
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    Simple vacation solution liquid dispense hack.

    Cool idea. Another idea would be to suspend the 1 gallon jug of LC over a return and drill a very small hole in the bottom of the jug and loosen the cap. If the online calculator I used is correct, if you drill a hole ~0.0025" diameter or close to #105 or a #106 drill bit it should take about a...
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    Hard time with new pool

    What type of sand filter do you have? Does it have a multiport valve on it that you are using to backwash? If so, it should also have a setting called 'Rinse', use this for a short time after backwashing. What kind of robot vacuum is this? A robot doesn't hook into the circulation system at all...
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    It's not algae after!

    This is definitely a frustrating case. You must have a winter cover, is it solid? If so, could you put it on for a couple days. If you are still getting sand in the pool with the cover on, then that eliminates the (low) possibility that this is something being blown in by the wind.
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    It's not algae after!

    Just curious, if you can't find the tear, how do you know that is the problem? I had a hole in my liner repaired by the local pool mom & pop shop. It was about ~$100, but I knew exactly where the leak was.
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    Liquid Chlorine Gone From Shelves...

    There are a few Ocean State Job Lots stores around Boston. They stock 12% 'Liquid Shock' around me for ~$3/gallon. It's the same as bleach, just more concentrated so you have to use less.
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    Trichlor and Liquid Chlorine experiment!?

    I do almost exactly this last summer and so far this summer. As long as you test regularly and adjust accordingly, you're good to go. Whatever the reason I lose about 4-5ppm CYA each month and while pH is pretty stable it rises slowly over the month. So about 4 or 5 pucks in a floater over a...
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    Slammed pool and changed filter sand

    This stuff maybe??? Ruby Sand: Filter Sand Replacement
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    Water Hardenss.

    On a first fill your pool water has the same hardness as your fill water. Then pool water evaporates and the calcium stays leaving you with a lower volume of water with a higher concentration of calcium hardness. The only water to get back to the original volume and concentration of calcium...
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    Letting people use your personal pool when you are not home?

    I'm going through a similar thing, far less disrespectful though, not really disrespectful at all. A friend texted me about having a pool party "next saturday" but I'm heading out on vacation and wasn't sure if he meant the next occurring Saturday or next week's Saturday. Knowing we have a heat...
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    Pool owner tired of adding MA every other day

    It's hard to make any recommendations without a full set of believable test data, i.e. NOT pool store testing, but it looks like you may have made a mistake adding baking soda. That will increase TA and further increase pH rise. From what you've described you'd want to lower TA in order to...
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    Black Trash Bags to Heat pool?

    My experience with a clear bubble wrap style solar cover is that is basically works like a insulation blanket. It's just my experience but I find reeling in the cover on sunny days helps warm the water much more than leaving the solar cover on. But you have to put the cover back on at night to...
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    Stupid question

    I used to manage a seasonal pool a long time ago, outside with tons of constant sunlight. I didn't know much about cyanuric acid but for the fact we didn't use it. The lifeguards check FC and pH every hour (or in reality sometimes every other hour, honestly it was checked very often) shooting...
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    Almost time!

    I hope your build goes well, really, I'm pulling for you. This fact that your PB 1) sells this sort of non-sense and 2) isn't willing to make even such a simple change is a bit worrisome though On a positive note though: none of this stuff is tough to change later.
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    Almost time!

    Design looks great! Just to emphasize, don't let a PB con you into buying worthless junk like an ozonator, UV, and chlorine tab feeder. The funniest one is the UV system, you live in Houston and the pool is outside, how much UV could you possibly get? Losing those item should free up enough...
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    New equipement chemistry goes wacky

    Ahh, thanks for the clarification.
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    New equipement chemistry goes wacky

    Wait a minute.... What test kit are you using? You mention a Taylor kit, but not which model. Are you saying your total chlorine level is 30ppm but Free Chlorine is only 0.5?
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    Want to start off on the right foot

    For your Dec 12th results, I get CSI = -0.06 and for your Dec 13th results, I get CSI = -0.27 Both results are fine, especially for the current cold water temperature. Make sure you're using the Pool Math link at the top of pretty much any page on this website.
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    Prefer not to winterize, but can't keep up w the I missing something?

    Sounds like you might want to do a bucket test to determine if this is evaporation or a leak.
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    Correct way for CA additions?

    Just a quick warning that you may have seen already, and I just mention because you're talking about diluting calcium carbonate before adding to the pool. The hydration of calcium carbonate is exothermic and so if you choose to dilute it, start with a very small amount of calcium carbonate to...