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    Propane Heater.

    I have a propane pool heater that came with the house, never hooked up. Still has the plastic cover on the gas line. So I just got a 100lb propane tank for it. I am not sure what regulator to get. I know it will directly affect the the efficiency of the heater, so I want to get the right one...
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    Pool pump trouble!!

    I have a in ground pool and spa, with 4 water features. 1 over flow from the spa to the pool. 2 deck floor jets. 3 side falls. 4 shallow deck jets. The pool pump was only 1.5 HP and could not run all the features at one. So I up graded to a 3HP Pentair pool pump, but I’m still having the same...
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    Spa blower Help!!!

    I have a in ground spa, I want to add a blower too it, it didn’t have one to begin with. I thought I knew how to add one, I put a blower in line with the spa jets and add a check valve but no bubbles, what am I doing wrong?