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    How much larger should I make the ground for a 16' intex style pool?

    I started with 17' but now questioning if this is gonna be enough.
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    Looking for XPS foam panels in central Florida. Please help

    We're getting ready to setup our 16x48 summer waves pool. I have been checking everywhere for the XPS foam panels and have not been able to locate. We are about 45 minutes from Orlando in Titusville. I've checked with the big box stores and no luck. Thinking about using the anti-fatigue mats...
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    Hayward Power Flo LX Pump and 16" Sand Filter vs Intex 2650

    Hey everyone. I have a 1hp Hayward Power Flo LX Pump and 16" Hayward sand filter. Everything works great! Excellent suction and return! This is running on an Intex Ultra Frame 18x52 AG. Friend has the same pool and just purchased the Intex 2650 sand filter/pump combo and says it works good...
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    Intex 18x52 ultra, hayward 16" sand filter and 1hp pump conv

    Hey everyone and thanks for all the info. Hoping someone can give some info on installing this hayward pump/16" sand filter onto our new intex 18x52 ultra frame pool. I just got the pool setup and need to know what is needed as for hose adapters/fittings/flex hose and what not. Any info is...