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  1. Meowloud

    New Pool, Very Bad Problems PICTURES

    New in-ground pool installed, our Hayward Tristar VS pump from has never kept its prime, sometimes it primes 3-4 times a day. OK, at least it is less energy than the pool installer's single superpump that ran for 43 days. Yes something is wrong and I don't know what to do...
  2. Meowloud

    ~Concrete Staining - Experience With Water Based/Gel?

    First off, excuse me if I should have included this in my build thread but this isn't something that will happen for sure and also didn't want to bury it from someone that might not read build treads. Feel free to merge if I messed up! OK. We're only having regular, brushed concrete poured but...
  3. Meowloud

    Thread of Disgust.

    This is my disgust: my bar soap, 2 years ago it was 4.80 ounce. Then a year later, it was 4.25 oz. I bought a fresh batch of bars (at the same price), and they are 3.17oz! They are a sliver. how do you lather? I dunno, maybe rub against the walls. What is your disgust?
  4. Meowloud

    Chattanooga, Tennessee Rectangle

    Hello TFP! You probably don't get tired of hearing this... but THANK YOU for this remarkable online resource! :grin: We are very far out so not a lot of choices in pool contractors. Got a few estimates and we're going for a vinyl pool sized 16 x 32 x 8. This contractor has excellent reviews...
  5. Meowloud

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Hello Folks! Wanted to say hello and thank you for this great resource! We are about 40 mins from Chattanooga. Decided to get outta downtown and get rural! Our build should be starting any day now. Hubby had never had a pool until we bought this mini-farm last year and we put up an 18' AG for...