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  1. CavVet

    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    I've learned that after heavy rain events (which are few and far between around here) i need to: 1. Add a dose of liquid chlorine/bleach 2. check CYA a day or so after rain (follow instructions of sunny day, with sun at your back...etc.) 3. Lastly, it is possible that the rain diluted my...
  2. CavVet

    Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find it?

    Re: Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find Walmart is completely out here in Central Tx. and will not restock. I leave my pool 'open' all year, but use bleach in the winter time when the SWG cannot function due to cold temps. Luckily, Home Depot still...
  3. CavVet

    Newbie. Begging for help with algae

    One of the things TFP recommends, is to take a picture of the pool (preferably the steps, to give a depth perspective) from the same spot and during the same time of day (if possible). As you progress, it is much easier to see the evidence of the change throughout time in picture we...
  4. CavVet

    First Time Seeing This Strange Thing In My Pool

    Oddly enough (and because i just dealt with them decimating my it looks strangely like the excrement of the horned caterpillar. Caterpillar – Droppings Under Tree | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener
  5. CavVet

    Opening pool - swamp :(

    It took me a some looking, but in Walmart stores (most of them) in the back, near the garden dept., they typically have chlorine at 10% for around $3. During the summer, they stock this quite often.
  6. CavVet

    Is this algae (Pic)? Keeps coming back, even though chemistry is balanced...

    Good afternoon Callmedpit! If i missed it, please forgive me...but could you post a full set of test results? FC CC pH CH CYA Lastly, do you by change have a low flow pump/motor?
  7. CavVet

    My green monster

    Looking GREAT!! Have you passed all criteria of the ? With this hot'll have lots of time to enjoy that water!!
  8. CavVet

    My green monster

    Rammy, I have been enjoying reading (and seeing) your progress. Believe it or not, months (if not years) from now, you will be giving hope to someone out there who did a search on fixing a green monster! I have done so many searches on this site, and have found forum posts from back in 2008 that...
  9. CavVet

    Advice for long-running SLAM process

    I've seen those pressure gauges either...1. Fail altogether, or 2. Get debris in them causing faulty readings. It's quite possible the slow process of clearing dead algae is due to infrequent filter cleaning. You might be waiting for the pressure to build to clean them, when a more aggressive...