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    Cloudy Pool Water

    I just opened my vinyl lined pool a week ago. I have added chlorine multiple times, but it is dissipating faster than I can add it. The pool water is still very cloudy. What do I need to do to make the water clear? Thanks. FC -0 CYA - 20 PH -7.7 TA -73 CH -50
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    Need Help with Cloudy Water

    I was traveling for most of the summer and opened my vinyl pool on July 13. I have been struggling with cloudy water and any help would be much appreciated. I just tested low for CYA and started to add stabilizer yesterday. FC-2 Ph- 7.4 TA-100 CH - 120 CYA - 5 Borate - 60
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    Adding Stabilizer and Borates to Pool

    What should the TA be before I add borates?
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    Adding Stabilizer and Borates to Pool

    Can I add stabilizer and borates to the pool at the same time? Here are my numbers FC=5 TA=90 CH=250 pH=7.4 CYA=33
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    Pool Chemical Levels with a Vinyl Liner

    Thanks. PoolMath says TA should be 50-90+. This a broad range. What level of TA should I shoot for?
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    Pool Chemical Levels with a Vinyl Liner

    I recently moved from Houston where I had a Pebble Tec pool. Now, I live in the Albany NY area and have a vinyl liner in my pool. Does the liner impact the level of chemicals I add to the pool? Does the liner impact the level of borates I add to the pool? The pool is currently very clear. My...
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    Calculating Pool Size and Few Other Questions

    I recently relocated from Houston to the Albany, New York area, and opened my new pool yesterday. I have a roman double sided pool with a vinyl liner and the following dimensions - 18X36. The two half circle ends are 4 ft in length, the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 8 ft. I am...
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    Calcium Hardness

    Lowe's sell a 50lb bag of calcium chloride for $ 18.97. This seems to be a much more cost effective approach to increasing calcium levels. Do you know if it is OK to use this product?
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    Calcium Hardness

    What is the most cost effective way to increase calcium hardness? We are getting a lot of rain here in Houston and it been getting expensive to maintain the proper calcium hardness levels (250-350).
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    Raising FC level with SWG

    Hello, I installed a SWG on Friday and I am trying raise my FC level for a barbecue tomorrow. My SWG is running at 100% and I am currently running my pump from 8 am to 8 pm. What do you recommend? Here are my numbers: FC - 1 pm pH - 7.3 TA - 70 CH - 300 CYA - 40 - (I am currently using the...
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    Adding Chemicals and Salt to SWG

    Do you turn the SWG off when adding salt and other chemicals to the pool?
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    New SWG Questions.

    Hello Everyone, Today, I installed a Pentair IC40 Salt Cell. I used Morton Pool Salt to get started. Is it OK to use solar salt going forward? I currently have the cell running at 80%. Is this the proper setting? Should I let my pump run overnight? How long will it take for my low salt light...
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    Best Type of Salt For Pool

    Later this week I am switching to a saltwater pool. What is the best kind of salt for my pool and where do I find it at the best price?
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    CYA Chemicals in a Sock

    Hello, I purchased some CYA chemicals at the pool store and was advised to put the chemicals in a sock under the skimmer basket. I left the sock under the skimmer basket for 3-4 days and returned to find that the sock was no longer under the basket. I eventually found that it had been sucked...
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    Total Alkalinity Issues

    I tested the water again and mixed it well. The TA is still coming up at 40. My pool water is clear and sparkling. The pool chemicals that I have on hand are liquid chlorine and muriatic acid. What should I do to balance my water and in what order? Thanks
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    Total Alkalinity Issues

    I am just starting up my pool after a very rainy Spring and my Total Alkalinity (TA), Calcium Hardness and CYA are unusually low. What would you recommend? PH - 73-74 TA - 40 CYA - 5 Calcium Hardness - 100 Borates - 30
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    Pool Pump Speed and Time

    Thanks for your help and the run time study. Yes I am checking my CYA levels frequently. I recently switched to the BBB Method and I am using liquid beach.
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    Pool Pump Speed and Time

    I currently have my pump running 12 hours a day at speed of 2250 rpms. It is still swim season down here in Houston and, weather permitting, I intend to keep the pool open for another 2-3 weeks. What are the proper time and speed settings for my pump during pool season and the off season?
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    Impact of Salt Water Chlorinator on Oklahoma Flagstone

    I have Pentair pool equipment and am considering switching to a salt water chlorinator so that I don't have to add liquid bleach to my pool every day. I am concerned the salt water system will eat away at my Oklahoma flagstone. If I seal the flagstone, will I still have a problem with a salt...
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    Great Price on Liquid Chlorine in Northwest Houston Texas

    I found a great price on liquid bleach in Northwest Houston. You have to bring your own 5 gallon container, but I think it is a great deal. It is $9.09 with tax for 5 gallons of 10% liquid bleach at the Napco Chemical Co located at 2830 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, TX 77388. Their phone number is...
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    Does Liquid Chlorine Raise TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)?

    I just returned from my pool supply store and they advised against using liquid chlorine. They told me liquid chlorine raises the TDS level to the point where your chlorine stops working because the water becomes too crowded. Is this true? They recommended ProTeam Pure tabs that don't raise...
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    Liquid Chlorine Northwest Houston, Texas

    Thanks. Which Target do you go to for the bleach?
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    Liquid Chlorine Northwest Houston, Texas

    I live Northwest Houston and am having a lot of difficulty finding liquid chlorine. Has anyone found a good place to get liquid chlorine in this area?
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    How to Drain Water from the Pool without Using a Submersible Sump Pump to Reduce CYA

    Do I need to wait 3-4 hours before starting the hose? What are the risks to the second method?
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    How to Drain Water from the Pool without Using a Submersible Sump Pump to Reduce CYA

    I contacted my pool company today about replenishing 1/3 of the water in my pool to reduce CYA levels, which are currently at 90. They recommended two methods that do not require a submersible sump pump. 1. The first method requires that I shut off my pump for 3-4 hours. Next, I would place an...
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    SeaKlear Natural Clarifier

    Thank you!
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    How to transition to liquid chlorine with high CYA levels

    My current CYA level is 90 due to the use of Pro Team High Tech chlorine tabs. I would like to switch to liquid chlorine for the duration of this swim season (beginning of October) without draining 1/3 of the pool water. Can I switch to liquid chlorine now with high CYA levels? How much extra...
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    SeaKlear Natural Clarifier

    The pool store I go to sold me SeaKlear Natural Clarifier to make my water very clear and sparkly. Is this a useful product? Do I really need to use this?