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    Dedicated Vacuum Port Location

    I have always used the skimmer as a vacuum port. My understanding is the port needs to be below the waterline so that the pump does not need to prime the line when the vacuum is first connected. Where should a dedicated vacuum port be located? Through the shell below the waterline or in a...
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    Vanishing Edge Spa Question

    Split from another thread. ------ out of curiosity. How do you deal with vanishing edge spas, with respect to the type and location of the hartford loop?
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    Question for negative edge spa owners

    I am in the process of designing a pool for our new house. We like the look of a negative edge spa like the picture below (downloaded from internet). My concern is my inlays who visit quite often. They are getting older and can't move the way they use to. For the owners of these spas: Is it...