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    water not circulating...

    For some reason, our pool water is barely circulating. The pump is on and running, but pressure is low, and cell cartridges were recently replaced. (So problem seems to be suction?) Valves are in the correct position, and regardless of what 'mode' they are in, water still does not circulate...
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    No Cell Power 2?

    Is there a way to diagnose what is wrong without taking the circuit board out? I have a voltimeter...
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    CYA granules or Tri-Chlor tabs... Which is more economical for raising CYA?

    With how quickly Tri-Chlor tabs seem to raise CYA levels, is it possible that its more economical to use tabs vs. CYA alone to raise CYA levels? (CYA seems to deplete very quicly from my SWG pool...)
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    Pool School update needed for DE "Quad" filters??

    Trying to understand the pros/cons of a DE "Quad" filter and feel pretty confused after reviewing Pool School and a Forum thread search... Seems they are a cross between a DE filter and a Cartridge Filter, but still confused... Do they require backwashing or not? How does cleaning them compare...
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    How to know when to replace filter housing? Top of filter "rising" when starting?

    How to know when to replace filter housing? Top of filter "rising" when starting? I've recently noticed the top of my cartridge filter housing slightly "rising" when the filter pump turns on. Haven't paid attention to that before. Is that normal? OK? Does a new filter housing slightly expand...
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    Very noisy pump... Do I need a new one? Or just replace the motor? Or bearings?

    The separate pump for our waterfall has suddenly become VERY noisy--something is wrong. How can I diagnose whether or not we need a new pump or just repair? Do we jus replace the motor? Replace the bearings? Any advice for how to diagnose this without a pool professional would be appreciated...
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    Can I replace an Aqua Logic board with a Pro Logic board? Please help!

    Please bear with this explanation... My pool builder installed a Goldline Pro Logic (model PL-PS-8) when my pool was originally built over 7 years ago. According to Hayward Customer support, the computer board has gone bad. They gave me the replacement number (GLX-PCB-PRO), which I ordered on...
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    OCLT clarifying question - keep pump running?

    I couldn't find the answer in the posts, but maybe I missed it... Do we keep the pump on overnight while doing an OCLT (assuming any chlorinators dependent on pump are OFF)?
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    BROWN salt cell chlorine generator! PLEASE HELP!

    [attachment=0:37qot9g9]salt cell.jpg[/attachment:37qot9g9] I've noticed my chlorine output has been very low lately, and upon inspecting cell I see that the exit side is coated brown, along with some of the pvc that follows. I can scratch it off with my fingernail with some effort from the PVC...
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    determining SWG cell function from Diagnostic Menu

    My FC has been dropping abnormally lately. Having had experience with mustard algae, this seems different. My SWG cell is 3 years old, and presently set to 80%. Can I determine whether or not it is functioning correctly from these numbers given in the Diagnostic section of my Hayward ProLogic...
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    where to put the sock full of CYA?

    It sure seems convenient to tie my sock up after filling it with CYA and drop it in the skimmer basket, but someone in another forum said you shouldn't do that? Is that true? If so, why not?
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    stuff on INSIDE of cartridge filter??

    After thoroughly cleaning my cartridges as per instructions here, I'm seeing some dark stuff INSIDE (on the other side of the "paper") of my otherwise white cartridge filters. If I spray it directly from the outside, it will usually shift downward (as whole small "pieces") in the pleats. What...
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    cartridge cleaner clarification

    Your directions state: For all spa cartridges and elements used in swimming pools where perspiration, suntan lotions, and other oils are present, soak the element for at least one hour (overnight is most effective) in (1) a commercial filter cleaner; or (2) one cup trisodium phosphate (TSP) to...
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    CYA falling faster than "normal"

    I seem to be having trouble keeping my CYA level up above 50. (It dropped to 20 in just months.) Is there anything that affects the CYA level besides losing water from the pool and replenishing from tap, rain, etc. (like high pH or TA, or anything)??
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    testing while shocking

    I've read that testing pH is not possible while shocking. Are there any other tests that are influenced or made invalid by shocking that we should know about? Can we trust every other test while shocking besides pH?
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    help with cleaning hayward filters

    I followed ALL of the instructions posted here for cleaning my filters (set of 4), even buying the right nozzle, but was very frustrated! In order to clean all the gunk between every pleat I would have to widen the gap using a finger, which inevitably resulted in the band coming unglued to most...
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    sunshine pool products - combining SWG w/ ionizer

    Does anyone have any experience with the PURITY salt water generator sold by SUNSHINE POOL PRODUCTS( I like the idea of the combo SWG and ionizer that they sell, claiming it should allow the user to reduce the FC to .2ppm. Yes, I understand the problem of using...