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    ScreenLogic connection when not at home

    You have to manually type in the adapter name the first time you connect remotely. After that, you can select it from the list when connecting remotely. I suspect this is the issue - the adapter name isn't automatically showing up remotely.
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    Pool Store Water Tests and Calcium Hardness

    Just as a side note, my CH decreased from 600 to 350 from rain from Tropical Storm Imelda back in September. We got close to 30 inches of rain in a matter of 5 hours. I say this because while it's possible your CH could decrease from rainfall, I think 3.5" is an insignificant rainfall if you use...
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    pH rising daily on new pool - Normal?

    We had a new pool built in June and I also had a rapidly increasing pH. I was having to add 20 oz of acid almost daily just to keep it from creeping up too high. Keeping the TA lower around 70 helped limit the increase. After about the 3 month mark, it slowed down a lot. It was almost like...
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    Ph, TA and CH Issues

    I also had a similar problem. My pool builder (also in Houston) did a weak acid bath to remove some areas with excess plaster. After the pH was raised back to a normal level, the CH went from 200 to 700 almost instantly. I always suspected the acid bath made the calcium soluble. I managed the...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    We also debated whether or not a table would be a good idea, but we love it and have no regrets. It definitely adds a social aspect to the pool for pool parties. We normally only use it for drinks during parties, but have also used it for food on more than one occasion. We have an umbrella...
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    Testing after tropical storm Imelda

    I'll chime in here and add that I live northeast of Houston, just north of Kingwood. Besides the Beaumont area, we were probably the hardest hit. We didn't take on water, but the water came up halfway our yard. We got hit with 20 inches of rain on Thursday morning in the span of about 5 hours. I...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    We're in Montgomery County, so no permit required. Our neighborhood has front yard easements, so we had almost the entire backyard open for construction. We still needed HOA approval, although they have their own set of requirements. It's not a salt water pool. I know they're strongly...
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    New Pool Construction - Rising CH & pH

    After about 2 weeks, I've been able to lower the TA to 80 using the recommended aeration, on my way to the goal of 60 as suggested. I still find the pH creeping up about +0.2 each day, so I'm having to add approx. 30oz of muriatic acid every other day to bring it back down to 7.2 to restart the...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    Thanks for the suggestions. I would love a Queen Palm, but worried about the roots growing in the gunite and maintaining it. It's only ~3-4 ft (the bench area is probably closer to 3 ft) between the gunite shell and the fence. Interesting idea about the bird of paradise. I was actually just...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    Thanks! Yep, the plan is to get some small dwarf palms for the back, plus maybe another filler. I was waiting for the late summer sales to kick in and for the weather to be a little cooler.
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    Post-plaster, pre-fill questions!

    I'm by no means an expert, but I did want to chime in that we also just got the Caribbean Blue plaster as well. It looked very uneven while filling, but once filled and cured a few weeks, it looks almost perfect. If you have an acid wash scheduled, it'll likely even everything out. Our builder...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    I've been lurking around here for the past month or so learning about being a new pool owner. I thought now is a good time to show off my custom pool build. Excavation started May 28 and plaster went in June 22. It took 2 days to gunite this guy. We had a freak torrential downpour in the evening...
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    New Pool Construction - Rising CH & pH

    Evening folks, Just as an update to what we discussed, the fill water has a CH of 200ppm and TA of 150ppm, so the high CH I'm experiencing doesn't seem to be coming from the fill water. Now that I think of it, I recall seeing a bag of calcium chloride when the pool builder was doing the first...
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    New Pool Construction - Rising CH & pH

    Thanks all for your comments. I'll try lowering the TA as you suggested. I don't mind regularly adding acid, but having to put it in everyday is a bit much. As for the high CH, I also thought that Leslie's might have messed up the measurement. I've done the measurement myself several times over...
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    New Pool Construction - Rising CH & pH

    New pool owner here, and as title suggests, I'm battling a constant pH and CH rising. Minipebble plaster went in June 22, and was filled immediately after. Calcium hardness is already up to 600ppm and pH is constantly rising, and reached 8.0 within 2 or 3 days of not paying attention last week...