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    Dirty floor from return lines

    Hello, Every day when I run the pump, dirt is showing on the floor from the returns.... First I thought it was dead algae, so vacuumed everyday..... Then now I have turned the main drain off, so only running the skimmer and the dirt has gone..... So it must be from. The main drain when it's...
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    Where to add Acid dosing pump

    Hi. I've brought an acid dosing pump and just thinking best place to install the inlet feed..... Either before the SWG (would it help clean the cell) or after onto the return line. Thanks
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    Adding MA every day or get a dosing pump.

    Hi, Ive worked it out that i have to add 14oz of MA every day to keep my PH balanced at the same level. So is it better to buy a dosing pump , so less interaction with the chemical... Your thoughts please.
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    Is it time to SLAM my pool...

    Yesterday 8am CYA 100 PH 7. 6 TA 120 FC 2 TC 25 CL 5.0 I ran my SWG for 10 hours at 100% to try and raise the FC to 5 (but FC did not change). Swam in the pool in the evening and then took a reading. FC stayed the same but lost TC now at 0. I have noticed black algae starting to appear in the...
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    Hi All

    Im a new pool owner of 12,000 gallons inground concrete pool with SWG . Just like to say hi and hopefully uses can help me save money and solve problems.
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    SWG pool. PH keeps increasing

    Hello all. I have a new pool 12000 gallons and im having problems keeping the PH stable. 7.4 then 3 days later it's up to 7.9. So I add acid to take it back down to 7.4. TA 120 CYA was 50 for the last 7 days now 150 plus? I thought it was because maybe the SWG was producing maybe too much...