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    Water Level Dropping Faster Than Normal

    It seems like our water level is dropping faster than usual. We have a 20x40 Lazy L (33,000 gallons). We added a heater this Spring. So I am wondering if water is evaporating more since the pool temperature is being held at 90 degrees. Is that possible or should I be worrying about a slow leak?
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    What to do with my old mesh safety cover

    Just ordered a new mesh safety cover and I am wondering what to do with the old one. Would hate to just put it out for the garbage man to take to a landfill. I saw a thread a while back where someone suggested using it as landscape mesh as a weed guard. Great idea which I will try but my pool...
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    Suction Side Leak with Vacuum head attached

    I have three valves Shallow Skimmer (SS), Deep Skimmer (DS), and Main Drain (MD). Started getting a lot of air when attaching my vacuum head and closing the other two valves. So I put the vacuum head on three sections of my automatic cleaner on the SS. While air bubbles were present, I ran...
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    SWG Systems under $1000?

    I am a believer now - no longer using pucks. But I am growing tired of adding liquid chlorine every other day. I was thinking about going the Hasa Liquidator route but someone suggested considering an SWG. Having seen some negative comments here about the Liquidator I started wondering if that...
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    Liquid Chlorine feeders

    Ok, I am a believer in the whole TFP Methodology, Pool Math and Pool School teachings. IT WORKS! When you follow the guidelines here your pool will be gorgeous. But I am not happy about having to test my water every day or every other day and adding liquid chlorine to keep my chlorine at or...
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    TFP Newbie - Cannot get fc to register

    Monday Removed cover mesh safety cover Water was reddish Brown entire entire bottom was black. Vacuumed to waste as much as possible. Added 4 CASES of Maintain Liquid shock FC did not register on AquaChek test strips Tuesday Evening Added 5 more Cases Liquid Shock FC=CY=0 according/to test...