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    loosing 3 to 4 inches of water a day

    our freeform gunite pool is loosing water every day... I estimate it to loose between 3 or 4 inches ..I have done the food colouring test and think that it may be that one of the jets is not sealed properly. ( the coloured water is pulled in to outside ring when the pool is off. Is it...
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    adding DE

    a new filter system added last fall at closing, has not been used as yet... will adding DE harm the system or invalidate my warantee I believe it is a sand filter system
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    want to check pool stores calculation on muratic acid to add

    just had pool water checked... PH is at 8.2 pool holds about 66-000 litres of water this is what was recommended to add 3 gals....2 qts....1 pt...and 4.82 oz muriatic acid or 36 lbs 1oz PH down pool is cloudy and green, then I am to add 10 litres of liquid chlorine. does this seem...
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    Main drain

    I have been trying to have this problem fixed since pool opening, without results the contractor now thinks my problem with loosing water is with the valve in the main drain. He is reluctant to change the hydrostatic valve as in has been in place for many years. the problem seems to be that...
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    losing water

    first let me explain my situation. This large pool is seldom used and is becoming a money pit. Last year I began loosing more water than usual, two repair calls. First determined that water was leaking around skimmer basket.. 400.00, still leaking.. next crack in pipe at return jet. 700.00...
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