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    Pump skimmer basket water electrified

    I have never sensed any electricity in my pool water prior to today as I was cleaning the skimmer basket of the pump itself. The water inside the pump shocked me pretty good a few times. I read the thread that talked about water in the pool shocking as a result of the bonding wire not being...
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    Does this pump sound normal?

    It sounds like it's excessive, but I'm new to all this and the spa is new to me. What you are hearing is pump 1 (noisy to me) Then pump 2 on low speed, then on high speed (all sounds normal and functions fine,, Even when it sounds like it's just humming) Then pump 1 again...
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    Replacing Diving board anchor bolts - Are SS wedge bolts a good option?

    My diving board anchor bolts are horribly rusted. I've found that my local fastenal has 1/2" anchor wedge bolts with a pull out strength of 4,400 pounds each. That seems sufficient, so what do you think about it as an option?
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    Is it ok to have GFCI at pool light box and not have a GFCI breaker?

    My light does not work, so I've begun the process of troubleshooting. I believe the gfci was incorrectly wired because my GFCI tester says OPEN HOT. But it got me thinking...
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    Is a 1.65hp variable speed right for a 20x40? It seems small.

    I have a 36k gallon pool that has a 1.5 single speed pump. How can I tell if a 1.65 variable speed will work?
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    20x40 w/ 1.5hp super pump... Should I go VS?

    Hey guys. There is nothing wrong with my 1.5hp Super Pump, however guy at Leslies was selling me on the benefits of switching over to a 1.5hp variable speed. My thinking here is that I can run the thing 20-24 hours a day at the low setting to skim the pool all day long and keep it cleaner...
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    Marlig's fix a leak questions

    I've got an inch per day leak in my 20x40 vinyl pool. Last year I paid a contractor $800 to find and repair what was thought to be the only leak. Then I found that I must have more leaks as I continued to lose water. I'm going to give the fix-a-leak a try. Should I run pipes from the...
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    Leak expert is as baffled as I am.

    1. Pump off = no water loss 2. Pump on = 1" per day loss So it's return side right??? Then why in the world does it not lose any water if I close the skimmer basket suction lines?
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    ATTN POOL LEAK EXPERTS.. Please help assess the Pool Detection guy's results

    I just bought a home with a vinyl liner pool. I quickly found that the pool has a leak and drops about an inch a day. Through initial trial and error, I found that the water loss is seemingly non existent when I utilize the floor drain only. Additionally, I saw no apparent correlation to the...
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    Please help me understand my plumbing - 3 suction lines and 1 sucks air?

    Figured it out. . may all my problems in life be figured out before I get a reply to a question!
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    Any engineering types... I'd like your opinion on this custom hydraulic cover

    I'm buying a new home and it does not have a pool fence, and unfortunately with 4 little ones that is going to be expensive. I've been pondering my options and after 10 years of pool ownership in Georgia I've come to think that this thing I found on youtube may be the perfect solution. It...