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    Replacing Intex Aerator Inlet While Pool Is Full Question

    Going to swap out my Bestway Filter Pump for a 3000 GPH Intex tomorrow. Considering its a 18 x 48 Coleman / Bestway pool everything as is can be plug and play, including all inlets and outlets. However the Intex Hyrdo Aeration inlet fitting seems so far superior to the existing Bestway in that...
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    Moving On Up - Intex 16 inch Sand Pump for 18 x 48 Coleman - Question about Pool Outlet and Inlets

    All - So far so good with the Coleman 18 x 48 , with chemicals and pool crystal clear and clean, albeit with a lot of maintenance by my wife and I. Like any others, realizing the existing cartridge ump just isn't doing such a great job as it seems to struggle to keep up, is load nd the filter...
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    Total Newbie. Chemical Set Up Question

    Hello All! City dweller for all my life but with Quarantine, pulled trigger on a Coleman 18 x 48" Power Steel Swim Vista Series 2. Price to good to pass up. The Board has been tremendously helpful, but with the inability to go to a pool / rec store kind of in the dark in terms of chemicals to...