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    Plugging a saddle clamp hole

    I'm removing an old sensor that is no longer needed. It will leave a 9/16" hole. Is there any sort of plug available? I'd rather not cut and couple the 2" PVC in this spot. Thanks!
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    Offline Chlorinator Plumbing with Pool/Spa combo

    Looking for recommendations on where to plumb the outlet. Inlet would go after the filter but before the heater. Was thinking that the outlet should go on the pool return, not the main return since that would over chlorinate the spa if it's on for long. However, if its on the pool only and the...
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    Waterway Oasis and Hayward VS 950 - Wiring Question

    I bought the Waterway Oasis automation kit with Wifi and 2 Actuators. Just getting around to installing and have one issue. The manual states that is is compatible with many VS pumps, Waterway (obviously), Jandy, Hayward and Pentair. However, for the Hayward VS pumps it shows only two wire...
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    Opening Spa ONLY question

    I have an inground 36k gallon pool/spa combo with a spillway between the two. Am thinking of opening the spa only for a month or so. A couple of questions though: 1. There is a single custom cover, would I simply uncover the spa and flip it over onto the pool? 2. What about an insulated cover...
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    Hayward H400FDP won't fire

    Followed the service guide and it certainly seemed as though the gas valve was at fault. There was zero smell of propane at all and everything else seemed good after receiving the "IF" error code. I switched out the gas valve and now I do smell a little propane when it tries to fire, but nothing...
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    Hayward Pool Pump Noise

    I have a two year old pump that I just started up for the season two days ago. Was running fine until yesterday when I noticed it making a strange noise. See the video below. I haven't lost pressure and it seems to be functioning just fine, it's just loud. Thoughts...
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    Bad Plumbing causing Chlorinator Issues?

    I have a 36k gallon pool and spa. I can't keep the chlorine levels stable and I believe it is due to the chlorinator placement and lack of flow. Here is a diagram of the layout: The pump runs for 10 hours per day, but every morning, the chlorinator is half full of air and little to no flow is...
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    Found this site too late - Need equipment recommendations

    So... The pool company I hired to build my pool last year were not very good at educating me and I stupidly didn't do enough research. They installed a single speed 2HP Hayward Main Pump. An additional 2HP Hayward pump for a water feature. A 1HP booster pump for the cleaner. The entire system is...
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    Brand New Equipment Install - Am I overreacting?

    I had an inground pool with spa and waterfall installed last summer. They finally installed the inline chlorinator today.... 7 months after completion!?!?! I'm not happy with the plumbing install and here's why. 1. They forgot to install the "deep heat" plumbing initially, so they did so later...
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    Cover Cost for Brand New Pool

    I had a 42x22 free form in ground pool built this summer. There is also a spa on one end and a 6ft wide rock waterfall near the deep end. The deck is dry set travertine. One company has provided me with a quote for the cover (GLI ProMesh), installation and closing of the pool for $6400.00. Does...