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    Autopilot digital 220 and iaqualink

    I believe I could hook up my digital 220 autopilot to my iaqualink although that would mean I lose the temperature feature whereby the temperature affects how much chlorine is made. If I do that, what information would the iaqualink give me? Would it tell me if the autopilot had a low flow...
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    Leslies supershock

    I'm not opening my pool for a couple of weeks so wanted to add some Chlorine to make sure there is no algae when I open it. Rather than look for the correct bleach (last time I had trouble finding it at my supermarket), I stopped by Leslies and asked for Liquid Chlorine. They sold me...
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    Troublefreepool appearance on iphone

    I have an IPHONE 6, and have noticed that the way the website appears on my IPHONE 6 has changed in the last 6 months or so. Below are two pictures that show how it used to appear (this is the look I like). But now it almost always looks like this (a look I don't like): Is there a way...
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    Merlin therm0-light cover

    Has anyone used a Merlin Thermo-light floating cover for their hot tub, which has an R value of about 8. I am thinking of ordering one and would be interested in any reviews. Thanks.
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    Closing bleach addition shot up ph

    I am getting my pool closed tomorrow so I wanted to lower my ph to 7.4 (because I know it will creep up). I tested using the TFT100 kit (and checked it with my ph meter) and got 7.6 with the meter and just over 7.5 with the TFT100. I then added the requisite acid to lower it to about 7.4...
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    Proper pool shed foundation

    I am plannig to purchase a shed for my backyard (to store all pool related stuff like chairs, floats, etc). It will be about 10 x 16 or 12 x 16 or maybe bigger if once we get there we decide on a larger one. My question is what type of base should I use? Some places suggest gravel (or rocks)...
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    Controlling PH in winter

    Last year I closed my pool in late October and opened in early April. But my PH was off the charts and I think it affected my plaster. This year I want to make sure that I keep my ph in check. Could someone please point me to a pump (maybe on Amazon) that I could use to circulate the water...
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    Replacement cartridge filter jandy

    I have the Jandy CL-580 Filter and want to buy replacement cartridges (so I can replace them when I clean the dirty ones). I see a 4 pack Pleatco PJAN145 brand for $169 at PoolSupply (includes $20 off) and $182 at amazon. Is the Pleatco brand a good one? Any reason not to use a generic like...
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    My pool was built last year and there is a Grotto made out of rock. My contractor didn't have one solid bluestone slab that fit the top so he put on two pieces (one of which covered most of the Grotto). He cemented the two pieces together. You can see the cement in the picture. . I noticed...
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    Bonding safety cover brass anchors

    I have a loop loc safety cover and when they installed it they put brass anchors in my paver deck and in my rock wall and grotto along the back of my pool. Some rocks are actually on a ledge inside my pool. When in the pool one can easily touch the anchors that were drilled inside the rocks...
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    Test kit for bromine

    I have a stand alone hot tub that uses Bromine and I have the TFT100 test kit, which can test for bromine. But is the Taylor 2106 a more precise Bromine test. Do you recommend that over the TFT100 test for this purpose.
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    Pool socks effect on chlorine

    When a pool sock is used in the skimmer the skimmer basket retains a lot of dirt and other stuff which would otherwise flow through to the filter. Does that cause the pool to use more chlorine while it attacks the stuff retained in the skimmer basket?
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    TA r0008

    My R0008 bottle (which turns the sample green) was having trouble getting the drops out, so I picked the opening with a fork to make it easier for the drops to come out. But now it seems like the drops may be a bit bigger. Would bigger drops of this regent have an affect on the TA test?
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    Calcium Affect on Salt Cell

    I have the autopilot digital SWG and the directions state that my CH should be between 200-400. It also states that if CH is too high it could prevent the salt cell from being able to clean itself. It doesn't specify, however, what level of CH is problematic for the salt cell. My CH is 425 (...
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    Replace actuator

    Above is a picture of an actuator I have that controls how much water goes to my slide. I realize I would much prefer to be able to control it with a manual valve because the actuator only gives me two options (large amount and smaller amount) of water to the slide. And water is often bouncing...
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    New acid stennar

    Based on some advice on this cite, I have given upon adding an electronic PH and acid injection system and decided to add instead a fixed rate acid stennar. But I have some questions. 1. Where should it go on my pad and is there even room for it? See pictures showing back and front of my...
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    Speed stir question

    When using the speedstir, do you put a drop in and then turn the speedstir on for a couple of seconds and then turn it off before you add the next drop. And then repeat the procedure. Or do you keep the speedstir on while adding one drop at a time?
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    Caclium and scaling and csi

    I added Calcium Chloride because my 2015 TFT test kit said my CH was 225. But after adding I tested with my new 2016 TFT test kit and it was 425 (even though Pool Math said it should go to 325). I then retested with my 2015 test kit and it read 325. I am assuming the 2016 test kit is right but...
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    Automatic acid system help

    I have had my pool for only one season, and check chemicals regularly, but have found that the only chemical I need to constantly put into my pool is ACID to lower my PH. Last season (my first), after adding salt, CYA and CH, I hardly made any adjustments to them all summer. I would like to...
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    Calcium scaling - i messed up?

    As I indicated in another post about this topic, My Plaster was finished early June last year and when I opened last week the PH was very high. After three gallons of 32% acid (over a three day period) it went down to about 7.4. I ran my Polaris for a couple of days and it kept filling up...
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    First opening

    I closed my Pool last year in late October (when the water temperature was well below 60 degrees) and opened it last week (pool temperature was again below 60 degrees). I had a LOOP LOC Mesh cover put on and followed all the procedures of Pool School. When it was opened on Friday, my FC was...
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    Iaqualink devise says on when really off

    I have the IAqualink 2.0. I control it from my phone. When my phone says my Laminars are on, they are really off. And when I turn them "off" on my phone they actually turn on. Any ideas how to switch this so it is correct. Thanks
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    First time closing questions

    My pool was built this year (plastered in June) and I have been doing my own chemicals since about July. The pool water is now below 60 degrees and I am ready to close it. I have hired a company that will put my LoopLoc cover on and close the pool. When I asked them what chemicals they...
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    Calcium hardness in swg

    Why is the suggested CH in a plaster SWG higher than in a non-SWG plaster pool? Using the TFT test kit, my FC is 6.0; CC .5; TA 60, PH 7.8 (fluctuates a lot) ; CYA 60, but CH is only 250 (used to be 300 but has declined). I would have to dump a lot of Calcium hardness to raise my CH (pool is...
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    Are my bubblers working correctly?

    I have two bubblers in my sunshelf that, as the name implies, are supposed to bubble up in the air. But at least half the time, one of the bubblers (and it varies by which one) is not going straight up, but rather, from side to side. I have tried to attach an 11 second video that shows what is...
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    Cya fluctuation

    We use the TFP test kit that this cite recommends and my wife does the pool testing for consistency. Our CYA seems to fluctuate a lot. Sometimes its 50, then it could be 65 or if I add some stabilizer, it could be 70. But then it drops. We bought the test CYA solution that I saw mentioned...
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    Safety pool cover

    I want to order a safety cover and am looking at Loop Loc and Meyco. I plan on getting a mesh cover and have a grotto and rock wall so need a custom cover. Does anyone have any suggestions on which brand is better and specific hints to watch out for. Thanks.
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    Can ph minus be used for swg

    The thread entitled "TFPC for beginners" (authored by JasonLion) states that Dry Acid should not be used for a SWG. I have a digital Autopilot and my PB uses PH Minus (which I think is dry acid) all the time. PH Minus contains sodium bisulfate, and my SWG does indicate the addition of sodium...
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    Chlorine (and cya?) too low

    I have a new pool that was first filled about three weeks ago. My water is crystal clear and a beautiful blue But my PH is always very high (higher than 8.2) and I am constantly dumping acid in. I should probably do that every day but have been doing it every other or every thrid day. From...
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    Is leslie's instant conditioner cya

    I went to Leslie's and asked for CYA and they gave me "Instant Conditioner" The one gallon bottle states that it is comprised of 35% monosodium cyanurate monohydrate. An asterik by this number states that this is equivalent to 30% cyanuric acid. If I am using Pool Math and want to raise my...