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    Discoloration on concrete

    This happened the first year I had a cover on. I've pressure washed, scrubbed with a cleaner for patio, I get very little change. Any ideas how to fix this? It's literally the outline of the cover.
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    Water Feels Chalky on skin - Causes?

    Moved from here. Opened my pool this year, had a small leak and had to fill with water. I'm in the exact same boat, water is balanced, chlorine has been perfect and low with the same results. Anyone ever solve this? FC 1.5 PH 7.8 TA 80 CH 330 CYA 70
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    FC test turns pink after sitting, that normal?

    So I do the FC test, turn it clear and get my result. If I let that sit, it will turn pink again in a few minutes. Is that normal? Are the results skewed in any way?
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    Why so much hate on pool store's water test?

    I go to my Leslie's and they are using the same product, Taylor water tests, to do the tests. Im watching their cya, their FC, etc. It all appears to be the same tests with the same stuff. Granted they don't sell the exact model you guys recommend because I had to buy it from Amazon, but they...
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    questions about TC, CC, CYA range,

    So last year I had, (still have but am refusing to use it this year) the frog mineral system. This will be my second year with the pool and I had nothing but problems with my pool chlorine levels last year. My FC and TC were a constant battle at zero too many times and had constant algae...
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    Central NJ, Can someone recommend an installer for fiberglass?

    I wont be able to keep my dogs out of the pool and I live 2 houses away from train tracks. I figure the only thing I could get is a fiberglass pool