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  1. johnm160

    New saltwater pool

    Finished filling and started pump last night. 13000 ish gallon vinyl liner. FC = < .5 CYA = 0 PH = 8.2 CA = 160 TA = 160 SALT = 2800
  2. johnm160

    Pool-Krete Contractor Orlando

    Does anyone know a pool krete installer in the orlando area? The guy that was supposed to be doing mine has not been returning calls and I need to move this project forward. Thanks
  3. johnm160

    DIY inground pool kit

    I have started construction on my 15'x30'x21' L-shaped Latham pool kit. Work is progressing slowly since I only have weekends to work on it but it is certainly starting to look like a pool.
  4. johnm160

    Heatpro-HP21404T TDH

    Hi everyone, I am trying to fill out my Simplified TDH for for my pool permit. I have not been able to find TDH specs on this heater online anywhere. I do not receive the heater until after I am applying for the permit. Does anyone know where I can find this spec? Thanks