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  1. Lucky13F

    Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Won't Start... then will... then stops -- help!

    I'm not sure how old it is -- the previous home owner left it for me -- but it looks pretty good. I've opened it and cleaned it and removed screws and pulled out hair and gunk and... Never had this problem before -- but I plug it in - and nothing. I pull it up and stare at it --- give it a...
  2. Lucky13F

    Cyanuric Acid Too High According to my Store App But...

    Pool is Crystal Clear -- and I want to Keep it that way! :) Please take a look and let me know what you guys think I need to do -- if anything. The app I am using -- naturally --- tells me to "go into the store for more info" Using Store App to Log Results. I am not sure if it's ok to...
  3. Lucky13F

    Jandy Valve Positioning

    How can this be correct? Wouldn't the Jandy Valve need to be positioned to the right -- so it can actually control / prevent that flow?
  4. Lucky13F

    Pool Check Valve

    I believe this is called a Pool Check Valve. If not - please tell me what it is called. But my questions is: Should this be FULL of Water in any cycle? [filter, rinse, backwash, etc] ALL cycles? Just some cycles? Can there be bubbles? Or can it even be low?
  5. Lucky13F

    First Timer 2017 in New Jersey

    Hi all - My name is Pete -- I moved into my first home with a pool ever in 2017. Northern / Central NJ. My wife had a pool and my brother in law has helped and has some knowledge. But me? I did not even have friends with pools as a kid. Originally from New York and I spent most of my life in...