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  1. ckendalls

    Changing brushes and tracks on S300

    How often does one usually change brushes or tracks on a dolphin S300 and what does one look for? I probably run it 3-5 times for 2 hrs a week and its . I am not sure I am getting the same level of brushing I used to get and its a little over a year old.
  2. ckendalls

    Jandy TruClear Panel Defect?

    My neighbor has had to have his Jandy TruClear control touch panel replaced 4 times under warranty. The touch pad buttons become non responsive and locked on the last setting still reading on the display and SWG still working. I think its because its getting direct sun (almost due south) here...
  3. ckendalls

    Borated Pool: “Side Effect”

    I “Borated” the pool (Boric Acid) after getting our new pool balanced and seemed to sense a water quality feel/sparkle others have mentioned. Also I don’t get the chlorine itch I usually get from many pools. But after the long hot summer I just came to realize .... I didn't have a hint of the...
  4. ckendalls

    Paver joints a riskier source of algae?

    Just curious if the experts in this TFP community think paver joints are a higher risk for seeding algae in pools. We have a screen enclosed pool with a paver deck. Some of the joints are a bit black (with moss?) even though sealer was used and I hit them with bleach from time to time. I’ve...
  5. ckendalls

    Jandy TruClear SWG ”Pro Series” Controls Disabled?

    My snowbird neighbor is back and not surprisingly his hot tub and pool are scaled because his “pool service” did not keep the chemistry balanced (pH and TA high). I had warned them... The Salt level was also way high but fill water dilution and a deluge from Nestor last night helped get that...
  6. ckendalls

    How will the Dolphin robots handle these?

    I am on the fence on whether to get a robotic cleaner or not. Our pool is screened in so we don't get too much stuff. But I’m a bit OCD and and brushing is my least favorite part of pool maintenance. In addition to brushing, every once in a while, I stir things up with our swim jets and...
  7. ckendalls

    Trying to find the balance to reduce acid addition with acceptable CSI

    Firstly, This group is awesome and the pool stores must hate it. Very helpful. Here we go... Our SWG pool is about 10 months old and operational year round here in the Central Florida “mountains”. I probably average 10-15 Oz of MA a day to keep the pH between 7.4 and less than 8.0. I have...
  8. ckendalls

    New Pool Settling and Borate-ing

    First post: Our new Cental Florida 10K plaster SWG pool is about 2 months filled. While the builder still sends someone out weekly, I have pretty much taken over armed with the info on TFP and my biochem micro biology background . I started with Aquacheck strips and Pool Math but have been...