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  1. mcampbell1981

    Upgraded Above Ground Pool 18x33 and deck rebuild

    Started documenting my project and wanted to share. Found a pool that someone wanted to get rid of pretty bad, they did not need the deck either so I purchased both and now need to disassemble everything to move to my house 15 miles away. Attached pics of the pool and deck and the location that...
  2. mcampbell1981

    New AGP 18x33 **UPGRADE**

    Found someone wanting to get rid of 2yr old 18x33 AGP pool and deck so I broke down and bought it, now have to take everything down and move to my house. Wish me luck.
  3. mcampbell1981

    Older hot tub will not fire up - Baja Casita

    We have been using this older (early 90s) Baja Casita 4 person hot tub 2-3 times per week but now nothing is working, GFCI good and both sets of breakers are good. I am getting full power into the box. My question is where to start, I am decent with wiring but not sure if I start with circuit...
  4. mcampbell1981

    Crystal Bay sand filter issue

    I just installed my older Crystal Bay 19" sand filter along with a Pentair Dynamo 1 HP pump, pump is doing great, however the filter is putting sand in the pool - lots of sand. I got the sand out by vacuuming to waste but the sand is pretty "fine" so I am assuming I have either incorrect sand, a...
  5. mcampbell1981

    Hayward Skimmer and returns - Pentair pump + sand filter

    I am planning to pipe in my Coleman 16x48 AGP with a Hayward thru-wall skimmer. I have read numerous post about this and have a question - should I pipe as follows: 1. Add the Hayward skimmer and keep the factory output as an additional output with ball valve to control skimmer force while...
  6. mcampbell1981

    INTRO - New house and Coleman AGP owner

    Hello, I recently moved into a new house with a rather large back yard (like 35,000 sq ft) and the kids talked me into a pool, just wanted to throw together one since it was so late in the season and decided on a Coleman 16x48 AGP. I have a little experience with pools as I had a metal sided AGP...