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  1. Michelle30276

    PH at 7

    Good morning, My reading this morning were as follows: FC: 9 PH: 7 TA: 40 CYA: 40 We've had the pool two years, and have never added anything other than salt, stabilizer, and liquid chlorine to our pool. PH and TA are on the low side. I read that baking soda used to adjust the TA also raises...
  2. Michelle30276

    Is my SWG making chlorine?

    We’ve added the required / recommended amount of salt to pool per pool math- last weekend. Have the SWG set at 75%, however salt level on Pentair SWG showing zero salt level. I tested water yesterday and only 2.0 fc. , salt at 4000 ppm. —starting to look a tad cloudy. All lights are green and...
  3. Michelle30276

    Rust free pool loungers?

    I am in the market for pool lounge chairs. I am not looking to spend more than $100-$150 per chair. Prefer the sling back type that doesn’t require cushions. My main concern is rust. Any recommendations?
  4. Michelle30276

    Salt - how much to add

    As my pool temperature is beginning to rise above 60 degrees, I am wondering how much salt to add. I have the TF-100 kit which doesn't have a salt test. Not sure if I should have ordered a different test kit?? Ive been using bleach during the winter while maintaining my cya at 60. Water looks...
  5. Michelle30276

    Lightning storm

    Hey all! We had a bad storm this morning. Our satellite is not working, a PLayStation console, and our pool equipment isn’t coming on. The Pintair control panel is powerless. Any ideas on where we should start? I’ve called our PB for help (pool is only 2 months old). Waiting to hear back from him.
  6. Michelle30276

    Received my test kit - help!

    I received our test kit and performed the CL & PH test. CL is registering zero and PH is 7.2. I also Performed the CL test with DPD Powder. The results are a slight tinge of pink. Very slight. Our SWG salt level reads 3500. I’m a little lost and concerned at the same time. Please advise.
  7. Michelle30276

    Which test kit?

    Our pool build was recently completed. Our builder gave us a 2 way test kit. Junk I am sure. Which test kit should I order? Also, Advice from everyone is to take my water to Leslie’s. I am glad I found this site and hope to learn how to maintain my own pool.
  8. Michelle30276

    Vinyl Liner over stairs

    We are currently under construction and are debating putting the liner over our stairs. PB says he doesn't recommend it. But I think it will look better. Anyone have any experience with this? TIA
  9. Michelle30276

    Pool deck drain question

    We are having our deck poured next week. There will be concrete decking continued to pool from existing slab. We are trying to figure out the best way to address the downspouts on our home that face the pool. I believe they are 12 feet away. Our PB is suggesting a deck drain to run across to...