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  1. veneanz

    Variable Speed Pump- HELP

    We are one year out from our build. We have always had issue with our water features hitting the wall. When we turn the pump up, it takes from the spa and then eventually the spa stops running. We’ve cleaned the filters twice this year, it’s not that. Our PB is no help! I just want our water...
  2. veneanz

    Trees on retaining wall

    Does anyone have trees by their pumps? I’m starting to think this was a bad idea. The PB never talked us out of it.
  3. veneanz

    Travertine Marks

    I noticed in areas my travertine has yellow spots. Any idea why this is happening? Photos in comments
  4. veneanz

    Travertine Decking

    Yesterday the travertine looked great in areas that were done. We asked them to extend an area a little, they did this on day two and completed the rest of the areas. Well the areas from day two are a different color variation. I understand that travertine comes from a query but this looks like...
  5. veneanz

    Freeform pool with water features

    Hello, everyone. I'm torn on what to do about my water features on my wall. My design shows three scuppers all facing towards my home spread out evenly. Looks great on paper, right! Well, the wall is up, my water features are not spread out evenly so I pointed it out to the builder and he moved...
  6. veneanz


    Hello, everyone. I'm from the NTX area and we are in the early stages of building a pool. Our PB pushed us for tile and plaster selection already and we do not even have city approval yet. I'm wondering when did everyone else select their tile and color? I think it's way too early in the process...